Saturday, 13 February 2010

Philip Reeve - A Web Of Air (Mortal Engines) - Book Review

Book Review
It's always a pleasure to read any book by Philip Reeve, and even more so when it's the sixth novel in the amazing Mortal Engines series - a stunning sequel to Fever Crumb. I'd like to say a big thank you to the lovely people at Scholastic for sending me this book. I felt incredibly privileged to have been able to read this book so early on in it's publishing life.

The book certainly lived up to my expectation, and even exceeded it. However, I don't want to give too much away regarding the story, as I definitely wouldn't want to spoil your enjoyment of reading it first hand. 

The story contains all of the non-stop action and detail that you would expect. Elements of SteamPunk are still evident throughout this book,but not as much as the other books.

The book is beautifully written and has a slightly different approach to that of the other five books. It has a poetic feel which places more emphasis on the different character relationships, an aspect that hasn't really been explored previously.

I love the incredibly detailed writing that Phillip uses to describe the funiculars. These are whole neighbourhoods which slide up and down crater walls - mansions which rise each evening into sunlight and clear air, before descending once more (at dawn) back into the city's heart. What a great idea.

The story is written against the breathtaking backdrop of Mayda, a place steeped in culture and tradition, making the foundations for a great epic slice of fantasy. The story unfolds with ease - but I wouldn't expect anything less from one of the finest writers at the moment in children's literature. I was gripped by every page until the very end, as this is an amazing book and one I shall visit again and again. I  recommend this book to everyone, even if you have not read any other of the books, as it will still work as a stand alone. All that I need now is a new book in the Larklight series - that will make my year!

Published by Scholastic Children's book April 2010


Charlotte said...

I have been meaning to try this series for ages--thanks for the push to actually do so!

オテモヤン said...
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ruddynora said...

I love Philip Reeve's books, I've read all the Mortal Engines series so far so I'm really looking for this to be released. Im currently reading the final book of the Art and Myrtle series Mothstorm at the moment, its light easy reading and very enjoyable. Kids will love these books like myself; I'm a big kid at heart I turn 29 this year and I don't care. Keep the books coming Philip.

Mr Ripley's Enchanted Books said...

Thanks Paul for the comment.

I also loved the Larklight series of books by Philip. What do you think of the illustrations by David Wyatt?

I love looking at them.....

You are never too old to read great books. I'm also a big kid!