Friday, 5 February 2010

Sam Wilding - The Second Gateway (Book 2 of the Denthan Series) - Book Review

 I read the first book in this series after finding it in a bookshop in Scotland; I was definitely looking forward to reading the second installment. However after three more trips back to Scotland, I still couldn't find a copy! I finally had to resort to the Internet, in order to obtain a copy of this book. On reflection . . . . it's such a shame that the book is hard to obtain in bookshops, as it is definitely worth tracking down a copy.
Anyway on with the review.....and if any one asks, the story is all about custard and meteors, which you will come to love with a passion.

The book starts with a great opening, that carries you on a mesmerising journey into the world of amazingly detailed creatures, against a stunning backdrop of Artilis. The book starts one year on with the zany villagers of Drumfintley, who are yet again, all that stand between a peaceful world and certain disaster. 

It takes you into a  wonderful adventure; a fantasy tale that has you hooked and captivated as you follow the main characters on their mission to find Craig. Sudden events lead to a range of climatic and varied action scenes.

This book has many great moments in it for me - the humour which is laced throughout had me in stitches many times. However one of my favourite parts, involved the encounter with the flying Centide, when the wizard performed his magic and the Centide ended up totally wrecking Mr Fyffe's Mondeo car. Unfortunately Mr Fyffe finds his car totally devastated, with the children and local vicar hastily fleeing from the scene. A classic moment in fiction - interpreted exceptionally well!

In my view this book is equally as good as the first, which is not always the case. The chaos and mayhem, within a fantasy world, is written very well. It has an orginal feel that leaves you wanting more. I'm desperate to see what happens in book three and hope there are many more to come. 

About the Author
BORN IN HELENSBURGH and educated at Glasgow University, Sam studied Zoology, working his way through his uni-years by playing in various rock bands in the UK, America and Holland. He began writing songs in the late 70s, poetry in the early 90s and eventually his first novel - 'The Magic Scales'. Sam currently writing book three in the Denthan series and continues to perform his 'Just Imagine' workshops. These sessions explore story forming and let children explore their own imagination. Sam works closely with the charity Asthma UK to raise awareness of the condition through his work.


Unknown said...

I too had to resort to buying The Second Gateway from the net. Where have all the publishers gone? No offence, Sam, but you need a big boy to get you noticed. I also laughed out loud at the Mondeo scene. I havent actually done that since Tom Sharpe's Wilt.

Anonymous said...

Just read Book 3 in the series - Return to Denthan. What a finish!
I hope there is more to come.

Anonymous said...

Book 3 - Return to Denthan is out now!