Friday, 5 March 2010

Chris Wooding - Havoc - Book Review

Book Review

Here is the next slice of book action in the world of Malice, where kids are trapped inside the real comic-book world, living in fear and fighting for away out. However someone is watching every step they take and will stop at nothing to keep them from escaping back to the real world .

The story finds Seth trying to find his way back into the comic book world, even though he'd managed to escape the twisted and evil clutches of Tall Jake. However after leaving his best friend Kady, he now wants to go back and save her. But Kady has her own mission in this book, to find and join the group Havoc (a rebel group of kids), who want to take a stand against Tall Jake. This dual storyline provides the opportunity for a great split plot, as well as a chance to be introduced to a new character - Alicia, who uncovers some of the darkest secrets from the creation of Malice.

The plot is told wonderfully, and draws you into the nasty world with its ghastly creations. The world of Malice leaks into the real world; there's no telling as to what might come through which is how the story keeps you on tender hooks.

A unique aspect about this book comes from the use of graphic novel images and extracts, which are beautifully illustrated by the talented Dan Chernett. They certainly plunge you deeper into the depths of the story, which I totally loved; it adds another dimension and layer to the plot.

The second book has a lot more going on than the first. I was engaged and completely hooked through every page. This series is rapidly becoming one of my personal favourites; Chris is a very skillful writer and has one of the greatest imaginations in the book world, in my humble opinion. 

Book published by Scholastic Children's - May 3 2010

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