Kevin Brooks - iBoy - Book Review

I have had a super weekend at the FCBG conference in Reading, where I have had the opportunity to attend some great children's book events. I really enjoyed being able to speak to other delegates and a whole host of publishers. It was yet again, another memorable conference, set in superb surroundings.
'iboy' was one of the books that I came away with from the Puffin stand. It was highly recommended; I was completely sold on the book purely from the passionate account that the publisher gave, regarding the storyline. As a result I desperately wanted to read it, and as soon as I could. Fortunately the long train journey home enabled my wish to come true, and within 48 hours of acquiring the book, I was soon turning the pages.
I have to say that this book has been a great read; a really unexpected and very memorable story. I had an initial idea that this was some sort of Hollywood-type blockbuster; a modern day Superhero, with lots of non-stop action and gadgets. But to be honest it has fallen short of this, and in this instance, I am pleased that it has.

Before the attack, sixteen-year-old Tom Harvey was just an ordinary boy. But now fragments of a shattered iPhone are embedded in his brain and it’s having an extraordinary effect . . . Because now Tom has powers. The ability to know and see more than he could ever imagine. And with incredible power comes knowledge – and a choice. Seek revenge on the violent gangs that rule his estate and assaulted his friend Lucy, or keep quiet? Tom has control when everything else is out of control. But it’s a dangerous price to pay. And the consequences are terrifying . . 

This book has a gripping real-life feel to it; with characters who are found to be living their lives on an inner city estate, outside of London. The story covers gritty issues such as drugs, the gang culture and even rape. Tom and Lucy, unfortunately find themselves victims to some of these events, at some point within the story. 

The book has a brilliant heart-in-your-mouth story. I loved every page of this amazing book; it will stay with me for some time to come.  I have to say, that I probably wouldn't have normally picked it up, due to it depicting 'real-life' issues. It was only the lure of the Superhero character which evetually enticed me. However everything within the book works well together, even the Superhero is understated and is featured more like a real-life hero.

I would really recommend for you to get your hands on a copy of this book; it comes out in July. I would love to hear your comments once you've had a chance to read it.

I would love to see an additional book being written; just to see the possibilities as to how iboy could be developed into another storyline. We'll just have to wait and see if this is possible . . . . .


Frannypatter said…
I really like Kevin Brooks. Looking forward to July now! My favourites of his are Candy, Lucas and Black Rabbit Summer - all real life. Have you read Being by KB? - not as well written as some of the others but a move away from real life genre as this one appears to be. Can't wait!
Hello FP,

I have not read any of his other books. I have Killing God to read on my ever growing book pile,which I am looking forward to reading.

iBoy is worth the wait,I hope you enjoy it. You will have to let me know what you think.
Anonymous said…
I am in the middle of reading this book and am going to review it for a local newpapaer. I agree with you, it is a real page turner, full of suspense and action! The way I see it, it's kind of like Wolverine meets Law and Order. I'm looking forward to reading the ending of it! Thank you for your review, it provided me with some pausible ideas for my own review.
Hello Anonymous.

That's really good I would like to see your review.

I could also post it up on site at some point if you wanted or any other book review.

The ending is great!
Anonymous said…
The iBoy book is the best book I have ever read in my 11 years of life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I loved every minute of it though I thought it was slightly sick when tom did what he did (i am saying it like as to not ruin it for future iBoy readers)near the endwith the mobile phones.

Mr Brooks i would love it if you brought out another iBoy book.

I have recommended the book too 21 people SO FAR!!! I have also bought the book for 5 people for their birthday in the last week.
Anonymous said…
Here is a reviwe I did of iBoy for a local newspaper:
If I had the same 'super powers' as Tom Harvey, writing this review would be a
lot simpler. For example, I could type it up, run a spellcheck and e-mail it, all in my
head. And while I'm at it, I could watch a couple of youtube videos, read the newspaper
and hack into Bill Gate's bank account. Again, all in my head.

Intrigued? So was Tom after he first experienced his paranormal abilities while lying in a hospital bed. He was
walking home from school one day when an iPhone came flying out of a window
and shattered on his skull. Fragments of the iPhone fused with his brain and gave
him unimaginable mental powers. Lying in the hospital bed, Tom felt the overwhelming
sensation of infinite knowledge. He was connected. Anything an iPhone could
do, e-mails, photos, internet pages, videos, texts, whatever, Tom could access in his head.

However, as any powerful figure will tell you, with great power comes choices
of great consequences. While Tom was unconscious in the hospital, a local gang
commited a gruesome attack on Tom's friend, Lucy. Tom was forced to choose whether or
not to use his powers to track down Lucy's offenders or accept the fact that these
things happen, as the police had already done. But one thing was for sure, Tom
would never be the same again...

First of all, I would not suggest that you read this book if you are under 12 years
old. iBoy deals with some mature content, violence and contains language that you
better not let your mother ever hear you say. When it comes to the plot, if you can
look past the highly fictional concept and just buy into the story, it will be a much more
enjoyable experience. iBoy is a great book to read if you're looking to zone out for
a couple of days. It hooks you around every corner and is a fast-paced, absorbing
read. I would amost compare this book to Spiderman set in a gang-ruled neighbourhood.
With elements of action, mystery, sci-fi and a bit of romance, iBoy is sure to be a hot
end-of-summer read!