Saturday, 13 November 2010

Angie Sage - Septimus Heap: Darke - Synopsis & Book Cover - U.S Version

In the sixth book of the Magykal series, Alther Mella has been Banished, a Darke Domaine engulfs the Castle, and a Darke dragon is on the loose. Septimus must use all of his skills to save the Castle and the Wizard Tower from destruction: He must enter the Darke. But he cannot do this alone. With the help of Jenna, Alther Mella, Marcellus Pye, and his estranged brother, Simon Heap, Septimus and Marcia Overstrand, the Extraordinary Wizard, battle the spreading Darkenesse. Will Septimus succeed in protecting his Magykal world?
Septimus Heap, Book Six: Darke follows our hero’s ongoing quest to realize who he is and who he is to become. Written with Angie Sage’s characteristic humor, Darke is another compelling fantasy adventure filled with many surprises and laugh-out-loud moments. Readers will revel in the action-packed story as they realize the wisdom of Magyk—that all things are meant to be part of a living whole.

The U.K is the last place to have this book published, so I will be getting me hands on the U.S version again.........

USA HarperCollins: Hardback Edition, Ist June 2011
UK Bloomsbury: Export Edition (paperback edition for Australia, South Africa and other Commonwealth countries), 6th June 2011.This will not be for sale in the UK itself until the,
UK Hardback Edition: October 2011.

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Unknown said...

October 2011? Wow, that is a long time! I really like this series but I didn't enjoy the last book so much. Not enjoy magyk for my taste. Hope there is more in this one. The cover is fab!