Sunday, 14 November 2010

Stephanie Parker - The Green KIng - Book Review

Back in September, I got an email regarding this book. It was the kind of email that I love to receive - it informed me of a new book that was being released and asked whether I might like the chance to read it. After reading the synopsis and the details, I jumped at the chance to be able to read and review it. Hence the, somewhat, hasty email reply that was sent.

The book was promptly sent (but unfortunately during a busy period in my life) and I must confess, it got lost in a large stack of books. However, recently the stack of books took a huge tumbling and on picking them up,  I stumbled upon the vivid green cover. I was again, suitably intrigued to read it and I'm so glad that I did.

When her parents move from London to a country town on the edge of a massive wood, Charlotte is sad to be leaving her city friends behind. Yet she's entranced by the spectral image of a green man who seems to metamorphose before her very eyes. . . Slowly but surely, Charlotte finds herself being inexorably drawn into a magical world of dark and light, good and evil; a world where something mysterious, something wonderful and something terrible is happening in the woods. Together with her shadowy neighbour - a boy who has spent his life exploring the woods - and another who was inexplicably lost there as a child for a week, the three unearth a terrible secret that threatens to destroy not only the woods but also potentially our whole world; and in exposing the mystery they discover their destinies.
The book is written in a highly descriptive way; slowly drawing you into the imaginative world of the story.  The author has a great way of describing the natural surroundings through each character. They describe to the reader what they can each see and feel, whilst still continuing to hurtle through this mysterious adventure.

I was both hooked and excited to follow Charlotte and her new friends on this dark and chilling tale of good overcoming evil. I really did enjoy the power of such a good story but told in a more traditional style. The more I read, the more I was submerged in the plot. The author unleashes some fantastically creative ideas, which are layered throughout with quirky characters. The magical element of the story is very subtle but adds depth, whilst still keeping a tight focus on reality. Which is incredible as the story is developed over three different worlds.

When I was eventually forced to put this book down, in order to go to work, I found it very hard. But the great thing about this book was that I was able to lock it inside my head until I got the chance again to finish reading it - a testament to the power of good writing.

Just be aware that this book does have some slightly strange word entries. A couple of times I had to read sentences more than once in order to try and deliberate as to whether the word choices were intentional - still not sure! But in a way I actually loved the book more for this.

I would have loved to have had the opportunity to read this book as a young person, as it powers up the imagination on all fronts! But what I really want to know is, is there going to be a sequel?

Thanks to Kevin at Grimoire Books for sending out this book.


Karen C said...

Great review. This sounds like a must for my wish list. Thanks.

Sparx said...

Thank you so much for this lovely review of my book!!

I've just been googling the book and found this; I had no idea Kevin had sent it through; thank you for reading the book, I'm sure so many books go un-read by reviewers.

I have about a million ideas for sequels and am currently drafting some out; crossing fingers.

Thanks again and Happy New Year!

Stephanie Parker (Sparx)