Saturday, 27 November 2010

Robin Jarvis - Dancing Jax - Book Review

book cover of 

Dancing Jax 

 (Intrigues of The Reflected Realm, book 2)


Robin Jarvis
For many years now, the man from Liverpool has been captivating his audience with such great stories. I've loved all of the tales that he has spun featuring both anthropomorphic rodents, and of course, other small mammals - all having fantastical adventures. It has actually been two years since his last publication. However, he returns with a spell-bounding tale, which I can guarantee will have you on the edge of your seats.

Dancing Jax is like nothing Robin has written so far and therefore, I found it refreshingly original. The first part of the book draws you into the world of the characters, who are all going about their normal daily lives. The author relays this aspect of the story well and bases the build-up on subjects that all readers will relate to. It fully immerses and engages the reader in up-to-date and current life topics.

Now, a group of teenagers have decided to hang out in the old haunted house. Dismissing the fears of the others, their leader Jezza goes down into the basement… and comes back up with a children’s book, full of strange and colourful tales of a playing-card world, a fairytale world, full of Jacks, Queens and Kings, unicorns and wolves.

From this point onwards, the story takes a strange turn of events - unfolding and inflating into a horror-like bubble. The evil is spread through the power of reading........

But the book is no fairytale. Written by Austerly Fellows, a mysterious turn-of-the-century occultist, it just might be the gateway to something terrifying…and awfully final. As the children and teenagers of the town are swept up by its terrible power, swept into its seductive world, something has begun that could usher in hell on earth.

The book takes on the role of a split story - reality meets cult-fantasy as the main characters become hooked on the book, transporting them into the strange and sinister world of the court. A place where every card has a story to tell, which is lifted straight off the page. It's one of the most memorable and unusual reads of the year. A high octane bang to rival the best rocket on Fireworks Evening. . . . a sparkler of teenage literary delight


Karen C said...

I read The Dark Portal earlier this year and loved it. I have The Crystal Prison on my bookshelf. This one though looks a tad scary ... the cover is scary!

Jo Bling said...

Robin and I went to the high school in Warrington, though we're a few years apart - popfact-tastic! Nice chap, didn't know what he'd been up to in recent years. Remember bumping into him at a signing in Whitby maybe 20 years ago when I was at Art College.