Garth Nix & Sean Williams - Trouble Twisters - Book Review

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Garth Nix and 

Sean Williams                                    

  • Pages - 326
  • Publisher - Egmont UK
  • Date - 6 June 2011
  • Age 10+
  • ISBN: H/B 978 1 4052 5857 9
  • ISBN: P/B 978 1 4052 5856 6

Twin siblings Jack and Jaide discover they are pivotal to a secret supernatural organisation that protects the earth from marauding Evil! Portland might seem like a quiet coastal town, and their grandmother is perhaps no dottier than anyone else's, but it soon becomes apparent that the strange things going on around them are anything BUT ordinary. It's all very well discovering that you suddenly have magical powers, but when you don't know exactly what they are, or how to use them, then facing impending peril doesn't seem like a very good idea at all...

It's not that long ago that I mentioned the lack of good books being published within the fantasy genre. However, a couple of weeks after this post, this particular book popped up in my mail box. Imagine how happy I was to see this book - it made my week.

This is the first book to be published in a series of five books. It's an amazing collaboration between two of the finest authors that Australia has to offer. Two amazingly talented authors, who have written so many great books in the fantasy realm, and sold millions of copies around the globe. This book is a dream come true for some of us. 

From the very start, the reader is marched down the fantasy garden path, but with a mysterious edge that captivates the imagination. The story moves from normal to totally bizarre within just a matter of minutes. Twins Jake and Jaide see their house suddenly explode, their dad disappear and themselves being shipped off to crazy Grandma X, of whom neither have met before! 

This was a great start for me and I found that the story just got better and better. It is a great amalgamation of ideas from both authors. It is packed full of petrifying moments, magic, talking cats and many memorable moments. One of my favourite scenes included a mass of possessed rats trying to drive a bulldozer! This to me, highlighted one of many pure fantasy magic moments, that should be read and appreciated many times over.

This is a must read for all fantasy book lovers. It will take you away from reality and place you into a bubble that is fuelled with imagination. This is a great read that will appeal to both boys and girls as it incorporates many strong role models throughout the story. Great stuff and more to come in this thrilling new series.

If you're interested to find out and understand how the collaborative writing process works between two major authors. Then take a look at the youtube video below, as the two authors discuss how the story took its shape and the writing process in more detail.