Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Book Review: John Mcnally - Infinity Drake - The Sons Of Scarlatti - HarperCollins


This is a very big debut book for 2014 which will go down a storm with the 8-12 year age group. It is a story that boys will definitely love and a book that girls will be intrigued to read. I have to say that I was definitely looking forward to reading this book. Fortunately I received a speedy review copy from the publisher. Many thanks for sending this to me and enabling me to have such a fantastic January reading experience. 

This is a big adventure involving a really small hero, 9mm tall to be precise, who is called Infinity Drake (aka Finn). He is every inch a hero with a really big heart. I like to compare this book with 'The Borrowers' meets 'Arthur and the Invisibles'. In my opinion, this is the biggest family read for years which is fast-paced, smart and also slightly zany e.g. Finn's psycho-knitting Grandma!

Finn is off on holiday with his mad-scientist uncle, when they are summoned to a crisis meeting. This leads to a madcap plot that will have you hooked to the point of no return. Meanwhile Scarlatti, which is a lethal bio-weapon and an Ď‹ber-wasp killing machine, adds a dash of dark horror and some fantastic reading moments. Released by a pitiless villain which soon results in incalculable consequences for mankind. 

Fortunately Uncle Al comes to the rescue and shrinks a military team to be able to track down and kill the beast. However disaster soon strikes – sabotage! Finn has to jump in a tiny Apache helicopter with three soldiers in a desperate race to destroy the beast that's out there, which is very angry and many times their size…

This book was very infectious to read. It is full of explosive action with many crazy elements threaded through the storyline. Whilst still retaining humour to captivate the audience which adds another dimension. This is a huge cake wedge of fantasy immersed in layers of biology and science fiction themes with an oozing filling of serious action. Bugs on a large scale, people on a small scale and the world waiting to be saved from global destruction. Can they do it? Will they do it? You'll have to find out.

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