Friday, 1 August 2014

Mr Ripley's Enchanted Books: Huw Powell - Spacejackers - Published by Bloomsbury

This is one of the coolest book covers around at the moment. The cover illustration was designed by the talented Alex Fuentes. Bright, vibrant and eye-catching it will certainly help lift the book off the bookshelves by an eager reader. Spacejackers is a brand new trilogy featuring Jake Cutler and his new-found friends; it is a cracking action-packed debut from Huw Powell. 

The story is a space romp full of aliens, fantastic space monsters and an abundance of technology and cool gadgets. The mysterious start fills you with intrigue; the futuristic world catapults the reader into a fast paced page turner crafted with a high energy tempo that will have the reader lapping up the pages. 

Jake Cutler, a boy searching for his destiny in the company of a ship full of ruthless space pirates and some special cargo, is abandoned as a baby on the Planet Remota, where he is left in the care of a group of cyber-monks. After living a sheltered life, it all changes when his home is invaded by ruthless space pirates with just one target: him. Jake is now on the run with a bounty hunter and the suspicious-looking crew of a spaceship called the Dark Horse. However, Jake Cutler's destiny to find his home planet soon uncovers the truth about his past. 

This book should be dubbed as SPACECRACKERS, as it is funny, full of explosive mayhem and zero-gravity antics that you will all love. Nevermind the well-written crazy characters, vast alien worlds, shipwrecks and one mighty black hole. This book is full of high-octane space battles and planet skirmishes which is a fantasy strong point. I loved the detail in the story - it's very well imagined, highly overactive which, in my opinion, leaves the plot feeling a little quirky and delivers a sense of fun which I really enjoyed. I love a great space story and this one ticks all of the boxes - it should do very well.

This is a great interstellar delight full of exciting adventure for the young and the old. The dramatic and climactic ending leaves the story ready to be continued in 'The Sword of Altus' which is due to be published in March 2015. NEVER TRUST A SPACE PIRATE. OUT NOW IN ALL GOOD GALACTIC BOOKSHOPS. 

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