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Mr Ripley's Enchanted Books Review - The Unicorne Files: A Dark Inheritance - by Chris D'Lacey

When Michael saves a dog in a clifftop rescue is the opening line to the synopsis on the back of the book. You may be forgiven for thinking that this book sounds unappealing and pass this one by, but you would be sadly mistaken.... 

This is a cracking book by Chris D'Lacey. It has been about two years since his last published book. He has since moved house and county which has perhaps had some influence on his latest book. This is the first book in The Unicorne Files entitled A Dark Inheritance - the next installment has already been written and is called ALEXANDER’S ARMY which I'm eagerly waiting for. 

What is the series about? 
It’s about a young boy called Michael Malone, who is recruited by UNICORNE because he has an extraordinary ability to alter his reality.  At the start of the series Michael’s father, Thomas, has been missing for three years after disappearing during a business trip.  What Michael doesn’t know, however, is that his father was also a UNICORNE agent.  Michael’s quest to find out what happened to his father forms the general arc of the series.

The narrative takes the reader through a twisting and gripping story that hooks you the further you explore the story. You are transported into a supernatural thriller full of danger, action and teenage reality. This makes a fantastic blend that anyone can relate to regardless of age or gender. 

Who are the main characters? The principal character is Michael.  He lives at home with his mum, Darcy, and his younger sister, Josie.  Michael is recruited into UNICORNE by the smooth-talking Amadeus Klimt, who claims to have information about Michael’s father.  Klimt is aided by two other agents, a feisty young French woman called Chantelle and an ex-marine who is only ever referred to by his surname, Mulrooney.  During the course of his first investigation, Michael also meets the principal female character, Freya Zielinski, a goth with a troubled past and a dark secret… 

You will love both the male and female characters in the book as they are well represented and well written. They are not written about in too much detail, which gives them a sense of mystery, and the character dialogue is just enough without detracting from the story. 
Why should I read this book? This is a quick paced walk down the fantasy paranormal; a journey of action, reality and a spoonful of the dark and mysterious. It is a well plotted story for fans who enjoy exploring their imagination. Whilst the ending introduces a shadow of what is to come in the next book. More UNexplained Incidents Cryptic Occurrences and Relative Non-temporal Events coming your way soon.....

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