Monday, 11 May 2015

Sarah Govett - The Territory - Book Review (Mr Ripley's Enchanted Books )

Book Synopsis: Limited Space requires limited numbers: Noa lives in what's left of a Britain where flooding means land is scarce. Everyone must sit an exam at 15. If you pass you can stay in the Territory, if you fail you must go to the Wetlands. Rich families can buy their children an upgrade to help, but Norms like Noa must succeed on their own merits. Noa is a bright funny teenager, not sure which boy she likes, devoted to her friends. The book follows her as she and her friends face the exam. Who will pass and who will fail?

Book Review: If you are looking for a book purely on the quality and uniqueness of the story then this is a great one for you. The team at Firefly Press Ltd are publishing some cracking reads at the moment. Slightly different from other mainstream publishers, this is a super example of one of them. The Territory is an immersive dystopian thriller set in future Britain. It takes a look at how the world would function if land became very scarce due to climate flooding. This kind of topic is very much in vogue and poses many questions for the reader to consider.

In this book it's all about the survival of the intelligent - everyone must pass an exam at 15 years old to stay in The Territory. If you don't, then you are exiled to the disease-ridden Wetlands. The system in place is in the favour of the more wealthy kids, who have the advantage of uploading information through a node in the back of their neck. This concept brings about a brilliant story of family, friends and friendship within a global futuristic world. 

Noa, the main character, is very likeable and has many humorous qualities that I really liked. Following her daily life, her heart and loyalty become pulled in two directions, leaving the average teenage having to think on her feet. It is a story that many readers will be able to relate to, in my opinion. I love dipping my toe into this crossover type of book as it makes the imagination juices overflow. I read it in one sitting and absolutely loved it. 

The story is well plotted; depicting an interesting and disturbing vision of what could be in years to come. It's convincing and sometimes tense. The ending is particularly climatic. Once you've read the last page, you will certainly want to find out what happens next. Please bring out book two fairly quickly so that we can find out soon!

Published by Firefly Press Ltd (14 May 2015)

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