Thursday, 24 May 2018

Claire Fayers - Mirror Magic - Mr Ripley's Enchanted Books - Book Review

The town of Wyse, set precisely on the border of England and Wales, is remarkable for one thing: it is the only remaining human town where magic works. 
When twelve-year-old Ava and her brother return to their birthplace of Wyse, they discover that their once-magical town has been losing its charms under the control of Lord Skinner. Uncovering a working magic mirror, Ava opens an unauthorized link to the twinned town of Unwyse, where she meets Howell, one of the unlucky Fair Folk who is being pursued by the terrifying Mr Bones. 
Discovering that they are the joint guardians of a grumpy old book that can tell the future, the new friends are unexpectedly launched headlong into an adventure to uncover the mysterious link between Mr Bones and Lord Skinner, and to find out what's happening to the waning magic that connects their two worlds.

Follow the magical footpath to Claire Fayer's brilliant new book called Mirror Magic. The book will be published on the 14th June 2018 by Macmillan Children's Books in the UK.  It's a fantastic middle-grade read that will pull you in by the book cover alone. This has been illustrated brilliantly by Becka Moor and will enchant the socks off you by leading you into the world of Wyse. 

At the start of each chapter, you will get what I call 'little mutterings' from the grumpy old book. I'm only a book so who do you think I am? Well, I think you are sarcastic and very amusing - you certainly made me laugh a lot. You will really look forward to every new chapter with gusto as it links the main narrative of the story very cleverly. 

The story follows Ava and her brother to the town of Wyse with an invitation of employment by Lord Ephraim Skinner. This is the only town with the connection to the magical "Unworld" and the land of the Fair Folk. It's a brilliant adventure that will entertain you from the very first page to the last. Wildly imaginative, but with a sinister dark plot brimming full of mayhem and Victorian charm. It's a twisted tale of shenanigans, with some vivid scenes of peril, all enhanced by some fairy magic that will keep the readers strapped into their fairy gowns. 

The story has a great eclectic mix of characters; some dark and evil that you want to curse at whilst others are more lovable. In fact, you would probably want to invite them to a fairy tea party full of Brunel's Bakery treats - all 100% real with no added enchantments. You know what you're eating at Brunel's (address supplied on request). 

This is an exciting story that you will have a great time reading, regardless of age or gender. However, tread carefully and don't mess with mirrors.... All Enchantments guaranteed to last for a minimum of 10 days, or your money back. A recommended read from the one who knows. 

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