Monday, 14 May 2018

Tom Nicoll (Author), David O'Connell (Illustrator) - Boyband of the Apocalypse: Washed Up - Mr Ripley's Enchanted Books (Book Review)

Just when Sam thinks life has returned to normal he’s bundled into a black van by agents of the Apocalypse Intelligence Agency who send him off the remote jungle island of Fin del Mundo to appear on a celebrity reality TV game show. One of Sam’s rival ‘celebrity’ contestants is none other than evil music mogul Nigel Cruul, who the A.I.A. suspect is planning to bring back the Horsewomen of the Apocalypse. Luckily his best friend Milo and kick-ass sister Lexi are starring in the show too. But they’ll have to survive everything from alligator-infested swamps to public vote offs, if they’re to save the world once more.

There is a large tower of swaying books to be read in Mr Ripley's corner at the moment. However, this book caught my eye purely from the book cover alone, which has been wonderfully designed by David O'Connell. It's a fantastically inviting book image that might suggest what's on offer to the reader once you start to delve inside. The illustrations inside creatively complement and enhance the brilliant story. The book has been published by Stripes Publishing and will be available on 3rd of May 2018. It is really aimed at ages 8-11 but older readers, like myself, should not be dissuaded from reading this. 
After whisking through the opening chapters, I quickly worked out that this is the second book in the series. I had not read the previous book and, to be honest, it did not hinder my reading experience. Nevertheless, I would go back and read the first book. I really loved the fantastic blend of reality, crazy fantasy and playful humour that the book has in bucket and spade loads. The imaginative story is along the lines of the reality TV show, I'm A Celebrity Get Me out of Here, versus the final destruction of the world. This sounds crazy, I agree, however, any reluctant reader will soon be sucked in by this ingenious idea. 

I really loved this book. It offers the reader the chance to dream and float amidst the story, whilst settling in your own fantasy clothes, in your own comfortable reading armchair. You will laugh, giggle and be entertained by a host of crazy characters which you'll be able to relate to and maybe even vote for. There is a brilliant mission, for a group of young children, to save the planet from destruction. As you run through the story, the thread of tension and suspense unfolds whilst your heartbeat quickens ever more.

This is a great book that delivers a theme which is on-trend and full of twists and turns. It's an all-out action adventure which is set on a mysterious tropical island. Full of deadly tasks, the characters are in danger of it all ending quickly at any time. This is a great read to get your teeth stuck into. Are you ready for a public vote? This gets the thumbs up from me so give it a read....

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