Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Catherine Doyle - The Lost Tide Warriors - Book Review - Mr. Ripley's Enchanted Books

Breaking onto the reading scene last year was the Irish author Catherine Doyle. Her debut book was showered with many lovely reviews and some super comments. The book has gathered momentum and recently been awarded the independent bookshops children's book choice which is a great accolade. She has now just written the anticipated sequel, The Lost Tide, which will make up book two in the Storm Keeper quartet series. The book will be launched on the 11th July by the good people at Bloomsbury Children's with another sparkling book cover illustration by Bill Bragg.  

Are we are ready for another epic adventure on the Island of Arranmore? Fionn Boyle has been Storm Keeper of Arranmore for less than six months. The clock is ticking and the fight for the island's survival is gradually becoming perilous once again. The book hits you with drama and suspense as thousands of terrifying empty-eye Soulstalkers arrive on the island in their boatloads. This starts the magic flowing and the web-spinning as the dreaded sorceress Morrigan is ready to rise up once again and destroy the storm keeper and his precious Island. What can they do to save it? 

Fionn and his best friends Shelby and Sam go in search of an ancient story that might help save the island. They search for the ferocious sea creatures (whom nobody believes exist) known as the Merrows. With their razor sharp teeth, they are deadly in combat and could be the answer to their prayers. As they go in search of the lost army, the other islanders prepare for invasion. The only problem is The Storm Keeper's magic has deserted him. Can his family or the islanders save the day? Let the battle begin and the pages turn; pull up the fantasy trousers and get stuck in. You will not be disappointed.

This is another fantastic installment building on the first book which explores a whole community, friends, and family coming together to save the day. The book takes you on a whimsical dream-like escapade full of magic and a cracking good plot. The book delivers on action and drama drawing on ancient myths and folklore that pull the threads neatly together. It is a brilliant read for everyone especially the targeted audience age 8 and upwards. The only feedback I have for this book is that I would have liked the characters to have reflected their Irish heritage colloquially. 

The narrative for me holds some surprises as the book has a lovely dark element that captures the reader's attention. I loved the concept of magic being used and displayed in a different way and not overly used in this story. However, the emotional side of the story was amazing. As the story rolls like gathering stones on a flat landscape, the tension distills and poignant moments spill out of the pages. Be warned: some tears may be shed. However, this helps the reader to get involved with the story that is full of bravery and courage. It is a rapid read that you will escape into and enjoy very much with much more to come. The next book is called The Storm Keeper's Island and is out in July 2020. 

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