David Solomons - My Cousin Is a Time Traveller (My Brother is a Superhero) - Intergalactic Galaxy Review (Nosy Crow)

Here at the Intergalactic Galaxy Review Board, we like to point out the books that rock our planet and invade our world. Today, we have the latest book by David Solomons, My Cousin is a Time Traveller, which is the fifth or sixth book featuring Luke and Zack's adventures. The book will be published by Nosy Crow books and will be available as soon as you read this post ... unless you are a time traveller yourself of course. 

This week, we've searched the solar system to find cosmic readers who would like to share their reading thoughts with you. I've hunted around the sofa (and the internet) to find some choice words about this book. Please find some of the best quotes sent to Mr. Ripley's Intergalactic Review Board. In the meantime, if you have your own review, then please send this to us as soon as possible to be added/included.

SuperHeroCostume.com said "all the superheroes in this book were underdressed and need some serious advice. Please remember, if you are going to be a superhero and try to save the world then you need to dress like one! Call us for outfit support and advice!"  

Time Traveller Brad said "this is the best breakfast read - it will put a smile on your toaster's face and a whistle in the kettle. The story was so buttery with characters getting out of a tricky jam. A spreadable five stars. I now just need a cup of Yorkshire Tea and a lie-down". 

"Hello, Nigel. I'm the toaster and I need an update. I laughed my circuits off and blew a fuse. The electrical voltage on this book was set to maximum, please don't touch my dials. All the readers on the planet will find this full of action depicting real-life events. I almost tripped on the flex and choked on the crumbs."  

The Book-inter-steller supplement said "this is not The Beano. Although, it is comically very good and the humour was out of this world. The narrative was not realistic enough and the author must get his facts correct about the true events of that day. He needs a good cape and an editor. Call me for hire". 

Kate Meg Wilson aged thirteen toes and twelve fingers said "a brilliant superpowered adventure set to spin cycle. The national grid did lose power in the telling and making of this book. I had to read the book by candlelight which burnt half the pages and my eyebrows. Every page was literally on fire - a reader's dream - fantasy triumph in type. Pick it up and give it a spin. Ten pages and a snack a minute recommended reading time. Although, please read responsibly. No other editor required in my eyes!"

I'm sure you'll agree that there have been some brilliant first book reviews from around the planet. This for me just sums up this book: strange, interesting and very funny. Who would have thought that underdressed superheroes would try to save the world just one kitchen appliance at a time. This leads me to one final review from someone called Servatron "I'LL BE BACK ... with the kitchen sink and some chocolate buns". Why not give this book, and the series a read, it appears to come well recommended.

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