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Children's Books Published May 2020 - Twitter Round Up Post - Mr. Ripley's Enchanted Books

Hello Everybody, I hope you are all safe and well. I thought we would do a post to help support authors, illustrators, publishers, and hardworking bookshops who are currently facing extraordinary times. With everybody turning to social media and online sites to promote their books or businesses, it can be a whirlwind of noise. At times like this, some books may go unseen by people (including me!) which is the inspiration for this post. A recent @Enchantedbooks tweet post as highlighted some of the fantastic books that are weathering the fantasy storm this month (May 2020). 

We've put a collection of the books from this tweet that covers a diverse range of books for children which can be loved by adults, especially the ones I have missed mentioning previously.  We will also try and put in Independent books sellers links with each selection which might help small or independent businesses at a time like this.  We have a graphic novel, picture book, and an assortment of books that we thought you might be interested in reading and buying. I would like to thank you all who responded on twitter it was fantastic to hear from.  I'm also happy to put other book shop links if any of you come forward. I did best to put them all on here and it might be a feature we will do regularly again. Stay safe and well and happy reading. 

Metaphrog - Bluebeard - Published by Papercutz (19 May 2020) - Graphic Novel Hardback - Age: 8+ Buy Here From Page 45
The award-winning duo, Metaphrog, transform the classic folktale into a feminist fairy tale, about the blossoming of a young child to womanhood striving for independence. Eve spends an idyllic childhood of long summer days with her sweetheart Tom, and together they dream of exploring the world. But that dream is soon shattered as she comes of age. The mysterious Bluebeard is looking for a new bride and has his sights set on Eve, and rumor has it that his former wives have all disappeared. What will Eve find in the castle beyond the enchanted forest? A forbidden chamber, a golden key, and the most terrifying secret take on a new life in this gothic graphic novel.

Tim Allman (Author), Nick Shepherd (Illustrator) - Max Takes a Stand - Published by OUP Oxford (7 May 2020) - Paperback - Age: 7+ Buy From Blackwells Here

This fun, anarchic series revolves around a boy called Max and his mission to make the world a better place. In each book in the series, Max tries to save the planet through positive direct action, with hilarious results but real heart too. Unfortunately, not everyone reacts so positively to Max's methods-but nothing can dampen his passion!

Josh Lacey (Author), Beatriz Castro (Illustrator) - Hope Jones Saves the World - Published by Andersen Press (7 May 2020) - Paperback - Age: 8+  Buy Here From Hive (Read Extract Here)
My name is Hope Jones. I am ten years old. I am going to save the world. 
Hope Jones New Year s resolution is to give up plastic, and she s inspiring others to do the same with her website When she realises her local supermarket seems to stock more unnecessary plastic than food, she makes it her mission to do something about it. She may be just one ten-year-old with a homemade banner, but with enough determination, maybe Hope Jones really can save the world.

Angela Woolfe - Roxy & Jones: The Great Fairytale Cover-Up - Published by Walker Books (7 May 2020) - Paperback - Age: 8+ Buy Here From Waterstones

A hilarious modern fairy-tale mash-up set in a world in which witches are real, magic is real and fairy tales are not only real ... but recent history.
Once Upon a Modern Time, in the city of Rexopolis, in the Kingdom of Illustria, lived twelve-year-old Roxy Humperdinck, half-sister to Hansel and Gretel (yes, THE Hansel and Gretel, not that she knows it). Enter Cinderella ("Call me Jones") Jones, who most definitely does NOT want to marry ghastly Prince Charming and is far too busy hunting for lost relics of the Cursed Kingdom. But now she needs Roxy's help. And Roxy's about to discover the truth about her world and her family: that witches are real, magic is real and fairy tales are not only real ... but recent history.

Sylvia Hehir - Deleted - Published by Garmoran Publishing (28 May 2020)  - Paperback - Age: 12+ - Check Out The Publisher Here
How much worse can Dee's life get? Having already suffered a traumatic break up with her boyfriend, her best friend is now warning her off the handsome new boy in the village. So what if his dad is a traveller? And that's without all the problems she's having with her mobile phone. A young adult romance with a hint of mystery.

Julia Rawlinson (Author), Tiphanie Beeke (Illustrator) - Fletcher and the Summer Show Published by Graffeg Limited (10 May 2020) -  Hardback Picture Book - Buy Here From Publisher

Combining emotive, lyrical storytelling with an engagement with nature, the adventures of Fletcher coincide with the characteristics of the four seasons, inspired directly by author Julia Rawlinson's experiences with her own children and their inquisitiveness about nature.
The character and book series have been widely used in educational settings as a springboard for exploration of language, illustration, storytelling, friendship and the natural world.
As summer begins, the wood comes alive with new sounds, but without a distinctive one of her own to join in with, Rabbit feels left out. With the help of his friends, Fletcher decides to put on a show where everyone's talents can shine. The second of four Fletcher titles themed around the passing seasons.

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