Friday, 22 May 2020

Philip Caveney - The Book of Secrets - Book Review - Mr. Ripley's Enchanted Books

It's always a real pleasure to read a new book by Philip Caveney. This is his latest offering, a thumping rip-roaring theatrical comedy that has been published by an independent publisher (UCLan Preston, England). The book was published in April 2020 and is another fantastic stand-alone Middle-Grade novel. It's very reminiscent of the author's previous epic book series SEBASTIAN DARKE which are all fantastic and very much worth seeking out if you're not familiar with them. 

The book starts with Boy riding across the desert with fantastic plans for the future. No sooner does he start his adventure when things begin to go badly wrong for him. Whilst on his way to the great city of Cherabim armed with the BOOK OF SECRETS, which contains his late father's brilliant inventions, he is cheated, robbed, and left for dead in the desert. One of the brilliant reasons I love reading books by Philip Caveney is that he always comes up with something different and exciting to read. He has a fantastic imagination and leads the reader to amazing places and unimaginable situations. 

As you follow BOY throughout this epic adventure you will encounter a brilliant group of eccentric travelling actors. Lexi, Pompio, and Grud (all fantastic characters) will charm you both on and off the stage.
The only problem is that their latest star is no longer part of the troop and they are looking for a new leading man - I wonder who might end up with this role? Events start to take on a medieval fantasy that is brilliantly captivating and highly addictive. The book is told with witty dialogue, funny banter and comical incidents that will leave you walking a tightrope of action on a stormy day.

Can Boy track down the all-important Book of Secrets? Can he lead the troop to theatrical success? These are all questions you will be asking yourself and ones that you will not be able to resist finding out the answer to. I can highly recommend that you raise the curtains and take the final bow in reading this magical escapade that has been written by one of the best authors around. It's full of surprises, mysteries, thrills, and more importantly tales of friendship with a hint of romance. Buy it and escape into a fantasy bubble for a few hours - leave these troubled times temporarily. With this book you'll find yourself clapping wholeheartedly for an encore.

If this review has not piqued your interest then why not read this one which has been written by a very harsh critic. Please follow me this WAY to find out even more. 

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