Sunday, 13 November 2011

Mr Ripley's Book Cover Wars 2011 - Heat 4 of 4 Plus Competition - Barry Hutchison's - The 13th Horseman Proof Copy

You are now in Mr Ripley's Book Cover War Zone....

Heat three has just come to an end. The winner was Barry Hutchison, who galloped to victory with his up and coming book cover for 'The 13th Horseman'. This cover received 136 votes which makes it another fine winner and therefore, finds itself in the final.
  • Heat One - Ransom Rigg's - Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children - 104 Votes
  • Heat Two - Conrad Mason's - The Demon's Watch - 189 Votes 
  • Heat Three  - Barry Hutchison's -  The 13th Horseman - 136 Votes
For any new or existing follower of this site this is the chance for you to become part of the weekly book cover wars. Each week (for the next 1 week) I am going to select four book covers for you to vote from. The winner of each heat will then go forward to the final round and get a chance to be crowned as 'Mr Ripley's Enchanted Book Cover Winner 2011'.

As a voter not only will you get the chance to choose your favourite book cover, but you will also be in with the chance to win a different special book each week.
The book competition winner from last week has been picked and has won a signed copy of David Walliams - Mr Stink. The lucky winner is Jo Ann at bkfaerie - the book is on its way to you. Hope you enjoy reading it.

In order to kick off the competition this week we have yet another amazing book prize. This week is a book everyone is after - a proof copy of The 13th Horseman by Barry Hutchison. A great prize that will enable you the chance to read this book nice and early. 

If you are interested in voting for a book cover and being in with a chance to win the above book then all you need to do is: 
  • Vote for your favourite book cover using the poll (see top of the page)
  • Leave a comment through this post 
  • Sit back, watch the voting develop and wait to hear whether you've won (once the poll has closed). Please note that this competition is open Worldwide.
So here are the four book covers to vote for:

Book One - William Hussey - Witchfinder: The Last Nightfall - Published by OUP - Sep 2011

Book Two - Curtis Jobling - Wereworld: Shadow of the Hawk - Published by Puffin - Jan 2012
Book Three - Lari Don - Storm Singing and other Tangled Tasks - Published by Floris - June 2011

Book Four - Roderick Gordon & Brian Williams - Spiral - Published by Chicken House - Sep 2011                                       

Happy voting and let the best book cover win.
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