Tuesday, 22 October 2013


Mr Ripley's Book Cover Wars are back again for the fifth year - it is that time again where we are looking for a further worthy winner. If you are returning to the site for another exciting year or are new to this competition, then I send you a very warm welcome. It is a delight to have your company in the book cover war zone. Don't forget to share this exciting adventure with your friends and followers - everyone is welcome.

For any follower of this site then this is the chance for you to become part of the weekly book cover wars. Each week, for the next 3 weeks, I am going to select five book covers for you to vote for. NEW RULES - the five book covers who get the most votes over the four weeks will go head-to-head in the final. You may not win the heat, but you could still get to the final of 'Mr Ripley's Enchanted Book Cover Wars 2013/14'. 

POLL TABLE - Mr Ripley's Book Cover Wars 2013/14
  • Niel Bushnell - Timesmith  - 156 VOTES - HEAT ONE 
  • Ian Johnstone - The Bell Between the Worlds ( The Mirror Chronicles) - 122 VOTES - HEAT ONE
  • Dawn Finch - Brotherhood of Shades - 68 VOTES - HEAT ONE
  • Andrew Beasley - The Battles of Ben Kingdom: The Feast of Ravens - 20 VOTES - HEAT ONE
  • Patrick Carman - (Pulse) Tremor - 18 VOTES - HEAT ONE 
As a voter, not only will you get the chance to choose your favourite book cover, but you will also be in with the chance to win a different special book each week. Therefore, in order to kick off the competition this week, we have an amazing collectable PROOF copy by Susan EE - World After. A chance to read it early, publication date - 21st November 2013 fantastic book for you to win.

If you are interested then all you need to do is:

  • Vote for your favourite book cover using the poll ( click any of the links  VOTE HERE and vote for your favourite book.
  • Leave a comment through this post
  • Sit back, watch the voting develop and wait to hear whether you've won (once the poll has closed). Please note that this competition is open Worldwide.
  •  Heat Two ends midnight (UK TIME)  30th October 2013. 
So here are the five book covers to vote for this week:

Book One: Ransom Riggs - Hollow City ( Miss Peregrine's Children) - Published by Quirk Books - 25 January 2014 - Cover by Dogie Horner VOTE HERE

Book Two: Jonathan Stroud - Lockwood & Co: The Screaming Staircase - Published by Doubleday Children's - 29 August 2013 - Cover by Alessandro 'Talexi' Taini - VOTE HERE

Book Three: Thomas Taylor - Dan and the Caverns of Bone - Published by A&C Black Children's - 6th June 2013 - Cover by Thomas Taylor - VOTE HERE

Book Four: Teresa Flavin - The Shadow Lantern (Blackhope Enigma) - Published by Templar Publishing - 1st May 2013 - Cover by Lawrence Mann - VOTE HERE

Book Five: Philip Caveney - Watchers - Published by Fledgling Press - 10th September 2013 - Cover by Kylie Tesdale - VOTE HERE

Let the voting commence on this years Book Cover Wars 2013/14. Please leave your comments on the post to win that proof.  Also  if your really nice give us an RT or mention use #bookcoverwars or share on Facebook. 

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