Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Philip Caveney Watchers Unpublished

Just keeping the Philip Caveney thing going this week. On reading the first chapter of Philip Caveney's new project Watchers which is some what different from his normal style of writing. This covers real-life and emotional issues. I am looking forward to reading the finished book but I believe this book is at the stage of finding a publisher. So I hope this book finds a publisher soon. Below is part of the first chapter, you can read the rest on Philip's website.

Chapter 1
It was Saturday afternoon, a cold and miserable October day. There was nothing on the telly, so Will took Spot for a walk down by the river.

Spot was a scruffy little mongrel, golden brown in colour, with not a single dark blemish on his entire body. Will couldn't exactly remember why he'd called him Spot in the first place, but it hardly mattered now and at least it was a conversation piece, on those rare occasions when they encountered strangers.

Mum had repeatedly told Will, ever since he was old enough to understand, that he wasn't to talk to strangers, not ever; but Will needed to talk to somebody and conversation was in pretty short supply around the house since Dad had died.

Mum did her best, obviously, but she spent a lot of time these days staring at the television with a tall glass of gin in her hand and a lot on her mind and Will could understand only too well why she didn't have much to say for herself. She'd lost the love of her life way too early and she didn't have the first idea how to make things work without him.

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