Friday, 27 August 2010

Book Event For Panama Oxridge - Justin Thyme - The Cotswold Bookstore

Although the publication date of "Justin Thyme" is October 4th 2010 - the JT book-launch will be on Saturday 11th September. This gives readers the chance to get copies three weeks ahead of the official release.

The launch will take place at: The Cotswold Bookstore, 20 High Street, Moreton-in-Marsh, Gloucestershire. If you can make it, please come along and say "hello!" I will be signing books from 2 pm onwards.

If you can't make it, but would still like a signed copy of JT1 - the nice people at the Cotswold Bookstore are willing to send you a copy post-free anywhere in the UK. To reserve yours, you can either email them - phone them on 01608 -625666, or write to the above address. Ordered copies will be signed on the day, then mailed out the following week.

Book synopsis for this great book.
Justin Thyme is a self-made billionaire living in a castle overlooking Loch Ness. The day he turns thirteen, he receives an anonymous gift: a fabulous watch with a puzzling message hidden on it. When he tells his father of his plans to build a time machine, the Laird of Thyme reveals tantalising fragments of past espionage and warns his son of a ruthless enemy keeping him under constant surveillance. At first, Justin fails to take Sir Willoughby seriously, but when a stranger arrives claiming to be his long-lost grandfather, Justin is wary - especially after his beloved Nanny insists the old man is an impostor. Justin's TV celebrity mother departs on a Congo expedition with her eccentric film crew and Eliza, a computer-literate gorilla. Whilst returning, Lady Henny is abducted, and clues prove that the kidnapper has inside information; someone in Thyme Castle must be a spy - or possibly Sir Willoughby's old enemy in disguise. Everyone is under suspicion: Justin's nervy tutor; their snooping housekeeper; the theatrical gardener; an ex-royal butler; and Mrs Kof, their freakishly strong cook. Suddenly, the race against time is on. Can Justin convert his vintage motorbike into a time machine, rescue his mum and discover the identity of their resident spy in less than a week...or will the dreaded Thyme Curse claim another life?

For more information check the author's website 


P.O. said...

Thanks for spreading the word. I keep having a recurring nightmare that no but me will turn up!


Mr Ripley's Enchanted Books said...

I think that's a normal feeling.

It's a great book,so people will come.

I still love my copy you did for me. It's great to see it back in print - ready for a bigger audience.

Anonymous said...

I think the book is great so far i have been reading it and been really getting into it the book is fantastic! :) I think its so weird how you could do that on the cover of the book my english teacher wants to read it! are you bringing out a new book soon to carry the story on? if so let me know! thank you for signing my book by the way i heard you signed 550 books that day without stopping! wow! cant wait to hear from you soon!!!!! xx from Francesca your #1 fan!!!!

P.O. said...

Hello Francesca. I'm glad to hear you are enjoying JT and liked the ambigram on the cover.
My visit to the Cotswold Bookstore for the signing event was indeed a very busy day. By the time I finished I could hardly hold my pen.
The next part in the series will be available next autumn. If you check out my own blogpage from time to thyme ... you should find more news about it later in the year.
Best wishes,