Thursday, 19 August 2010

Sean Beech - The Silver Fox - Book Competition

                                                    The Silver Fox
Ex-Soldier and award nominated author Sean Beech's second novel is due for launch on the 30th August. In keeping with his passion for improving childhood literacy he has again not only agreed to donate 50% of his royalties to The National Literacy Trust but has also pledged that if the book makes the best sellers chart he will then donate 100% of his royalties to the same charity. 

In an effort to encourage children to enjoy reading and writing Sean has also donated 10 signed copies of his latest book for a national competition run by his publishers.

Austin & Macauley Publishers Ltd For the launch of this exciting new children’s book we are giving away 10 signed copies of ‘The Silver Fox’. To be in with a chance of winning one of these, all you have to do is write a short story of 500 words.  Then send your story, your name, age, and address to So get creative and start writing, for your chance to win one of these special copies. Competition closes on 23rd October'10.
Book Synopsis

Almost three hundred years of peace about to be shattered by one man. Vangor s Dark Knights have arrived in the Moon Lands a full three months earlier than anticipated. And with no King to unite the feuding Lords of the Moon this time their success is a surety! Or is it? Morkin, the heir apparent, clings to the faint hope of finding Zondra, the Queen of the Snow Faeries, who if the Fey are correct, can recreate his lost Crown. The same Crown needed to unite the Armies of man and without, all hope is surely lost. His journey north, though if not perilous enough, made even more so by the knowledge that one of his companions will betray him. But who? The mysterious hooded Shamar? The wizened old Ranabin? Or the despised deceitful Royal Taxman Mr Grabbit? And what of the Wolves of Fennigan? Are they to recover their Ancient Howl by delivering Morkin to Vangor? Or will they forsake its power and their heritage by choosing to aid the Crown Prince in his quest instead?

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