Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Sam Wilding -The Magic Scales/The Second Gateway/Return to Denthan/ - Denthan Series

                                       Return to Denthan - Book Three of the Denthan Series

This is the second book review that has been sent to me by one of my blog readers. Thank you for taking the time to send this to me. I am glad you enjoyed this series of books as much as I did.

Book Review

After some great comments on the Mr Ripley site about the Denthan series, I dutifully searched out a copy of book one and book two. I was pleasantly surprised and excited by the wild settings, the crazy characters, and the old fashioned charm that oozed from the pages. Wilding has a pretty unique style, in my opinion, and has an obvious talent at weaving an intricate tale. Each thread is, in it’s own right, captivating and when they all converge, it is simply magic. I love his random theories, or should I say the wizard-goldfish, Mendel’s random theories, and I was truly shocked by the antics of characters like Cathy Peck, who comes into her own in this, the third section of the tale. Book three, Return to Denthan, is the best yet. The Tolkien-like battles and the Tom Sharpe-like humour really steal the show and the tragedy waiting at the end is truly unexpected and well written. To have giant pond skaters that tumble city walls and suck out the guts of dragons hints at a great imagination. I would be gutted if this were truly the end of James Peck’s adventures. Start at book one – The Magic Scales and read all 3 in the series in one sitting. I did this last weekend and found even more treasures along the way. A solid Five out of Five!

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