Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Book Launch: Nicola L Robinson - The Monster Machine

'The Monster Machine' is a monster picture book written and illustrated by Nottingham illustrator Nicola L Robinson. It is published by Pavilion Children's Books on the 16t May 2012.
From the back cover-
'My Dad is an inventor… he has just finished his latest and greatest invention. The Monster Machine!' A story of fun, inventions and all the monster mischief you can imagine. A great message about having fun and working together, beautifully illustrated with masses to look for on every page, a wonderful text to read aloud. (Approximately 350 words.)

Nicola has been illustrating children's books for many years now,  and 'The Monster Machine' is her first picture book and outing as an author.
She has  always loved things with teeth and claws and fur and scales (and machines are fascinating anyway) so creating this picture book has been a lot of fun. Nicola's illustrations are vibrant and colourful with a lot of detail making The Monster Machine a picture book with lots and lots of things to look at and look out for. It tells the story of a small boy and his Dad and their monster making machine. If you like monsters and machines this one is for you...
To learn more about the book or to contact Nicola and/or the monsters  do visit the Monster Machine's website here -

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