Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Guest post: Thomas Taylor - Find Out About Haunters - Chicken House

Well it's that time again when we get an author to talk 
about their debut book and the inspiration behind it.
I have had this book on my radar for sometime now, so I am pleased that Thomas
is now able to let you inside this futuristic ghost adventure and tell you more. Have a read
and see what you think.
Eddie, Adam and David have the same gift. Using their dreams they can travel in time, appearing as ghosts wherever and whenever they want. But each of them wants something different…

Eddie, the genius who discovers dreamwalking, is sworn to protect the course of history. Adam wants to use terror to change it for his own ends. And David, the novice dreamewalker who is linked to them both, must find a way to keep them apart – and save the future of the world…

I have been thinking about ghosts since childhood, mostly because I was terrified of them. So scared, in fact, that I honestly thought I saw them as a boy. Of course, I realise now that I never did – well,probably never did, anyway – but I have spent a lot of time wondering what they may be if they do exist. And the connection with time travel is obvious – if ghosts are real, then they are points of contact between the world of the past and the world of now. But could they also be points of contact with the future? 

Many people claim to have met lost loved ones in dreams, or to have dreamt about the past, and many people have claimed to have encountered ghosts when awake. Putting these things together, and stirring in the explosive elements of a thriller – danger, mystery, suspense, and a stack of cool gadgets – lead me to write Haunters. But I won’t deny it might also have been a way to deal with the childhood fear I once felt. Perhaps that’s why, in the book, only children can dreamwalk. In any case, what if ghosts aren’t something to be scared of at all, but something to be really excited about? I’d much rather that! I certainly wish my terrified, 12-year-old self could have read this book.
Haunters is an inverted ghost story, where the living are the ghosts, and where the dead are the ones being haunted. It is also a time-slip story where there is no time machine, and a tale of dreams where no one truly sleeps. Fancy trying it out? Here’s page 39:

Haunters is published 24th May, 2012 by that plucky little publishing outfit, The Chicken House. Read an early review here and find out more about me and my book launch here. If you are kind enough to buy a copy, hope you enjoy it!

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