Friday, 18 May 2012

Robin LaFevers - Grave Mercy - Chapter Preview & Trailer

  • Paperback: 496 pages
  • Publisher: Andersen (7 Jun 2012)
  • ISBN-10: 184939413X
  • ISBN-13: 978-1849394130                

  •                                                                             CHAPTER - 7 

“Careful!” Sister Serafina scolds. “Don’t let it boil or it will
turn to resin and be of no use.”
“yes,sister.”I keep my eyes fixed on the small flask I hold
over the flame. Tiny bubbles have begun to form along the
sides of the glass, but it is not boiling. Not yet.
“excellent,”she says from just behind my shoulder.“Now
put it over here to cool.”
Using iron tongs, I lift the flask and set it on a cooling
stone.We are brewing up a fresh batch of night whispers.In
its current volatile state, it will kill anyone who breathes its
fumes, causing the lungs to harden and become rigid and
brittle as glass.
Anyone except for Sister Serafina and me.We are immune.
“once it cools,” she says, “we’ll add it to this candle wax,
and then—”A knock on the door interrupts her.“Don’t come
in!”she calls out in alarm.
“I won’t.” It is Annith, who surely knows better than to
“Reverend Mother has asked that Ismae come to her office
right away.”
The thrill of this summons makes my heart flutter. The
only time I have been called to her office since I arrived is toreceive news of an assignment.Without waiting for the nun
to dismiss me, I hurry to the stone basin, where I begin
scrubbing the last traces of poison from my hands.
Sister Serafina heaves a sigh of annoyance.“How the holy
mother expects me to supply all our poisons without help is
surely one of Mortain’s great mysteries.”
I glance sideways at her. “you’d think she would send
Annith instead.”
Sister Serafina pins me with a severe look.“The reverend
mother has her reasons. Now go. Do not make her wait.”
I go, being sure to curtsy so as not to antagonize her
further. She thinks she has told me nothing, but it is just
the opposite. I now know that there is an actual reason
that Annith has not been sent out. And if Sister Serafina
knows what it is, surely Annith and I can find out as well.
on my way to the reverend mother’s office I straighten
my veil and brush a bit of dust from my skirts.I pause at the
door, take a deep breath and compose my features, then
When I step into the office,the sight of a man sitting there
is as shocking as a clap of thunder in the quiet room.His hair
is white, as is his neatly trimmed beard. A heavy gold chain
with a bejeweled pendant winks at me from the fur collar of
his thick brocade robe.
“Come in, Ismae,” the abbess says. “I’d like you to meet
Chancellor Crunard. He is a patron of our convent and acts
as the liaison between us and the outside world.”

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