Friday, 7 June 2013

Book Review: Michaela Clarke - Tiger Thief - Nosy Crow


This is a brilliant read that hooks you from the very first page right through to the last. I was so engrossed in this story that time stopped still as I was reading. It is a great debut novel; beautifully written it leaves you with a sense of feeling that the story has been written from the heart. It is a story that has been inspired from the author's desire to write as a child. In this book she brings to life a magical world for both young and old readers. 

In response to a dream, we enjoy the journey that the author takes through the characters and the bright exotic backdrop of landscapes. She has conjured up an amazing magical tale which I'm really pleased that I had the opportunity to read. The story is set in India and draws upon the rich culture of myths, legends and the spirit world. It's based around the journey of two children who become caught in the battle between the natural world and the world of human greed.  

After travelling to the legendary city of jewels, the circus which Sharat (main character) and Emira (a majestic white tiger) belong to, are ordered to perform for the Emperor of Imperial Command. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity but when Emira mysteriously disappears in the middle of a circus act, Sharat sets off on a adventurous journey. He faces many perilous dangers and reveals interesting discoveries. The magic and intrigue will have you hooked as you turn the pages with rapid intensity.  

The book has a number of fantastic characters - some which are loveable and some which are not. The Djinni's are my particular favourites; I would have loved to have seen and read more about them in the book.  This is a great family book which is full of spirit, adventure and friendship. It is packed full of plot sequences, timely action and a rather predictable outcome. However, this can easily be forgiven as long as there is another book in the future to continue on from this one. This is a recommended read with great potential  for a sequel.... 

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