Friday, 13 February 2015

Mr Ripley's Exclusive Book Cover Reveal - Alex Campbell - Cloud 9 - Published by Hot Key Books

I always feel a little bit excited when I'm given the opportunity to nurture a new book cover and introduce it to the 'wildness' that is the internet for the first time. It's a great honour and privilege to be showing off a stunning book cover to readers and followers of Mr Ripley's Enchanted Books. The team at Hot Key Books have done a brilliant job, which makes it all the better for showing it to you all today. 

The Cloud 9 book cover art was by Jet Purdie, Art Director at Hot Key Books, and the illustrator Levente Szabó. You'll find Cloud 9 landing in your shops at some point during September 2015. So for now, here is the synopsis for you to whet your appetite. Please let us know what you think. 

Life's Short. Enjoy It.
So goes the favourite slogan of Leata, the wonder-drug that sixteen-year-old Hope has been taking since she was a child, just like the rest of her family. Well, the rest of the country really. For who would choose not to take it - a perfectly safe little pill that just helps take the ‘edge off' life. Because everyone can do with a little help staying happy sometimes… Especially Hope, whose home life is not as perfect as she likes to make out on her blog. 

Tom's never taken Leata. Why would he? His family are happy as they are. At least they were, until the sudden death of his journalist father. The police are unequivocal: his father's death was suicide. But Tom refuses to accept this. Consumed by grief, and increasingly obsessive about his dad's final big story, he is thrown a lifeline when Hope offers to help. As a Leata-backed blogger, she wants to steer Tom into 'positive living' - instead, her efforts take her down a path she could never have expected. Tracing the final steps of his father's life, Tom, and Hope, soon find themselves unravelling a trail of deceit, murder... and a conspiracy so shocking the government will do anything to keep it secret. 


Dawn said...

I'm hooked. It sounds thrilling - chilling in fact. Loved Alex Campbells Land so can't wait for Cloud9 to hit our shelves/kindles

Ryan said...

Now that is a STUNNING cover!