Thursday, 29 October 2015

Guest Post by Stephen Bennett - NaNoWriMo Survey of 2000 Writers Reveals Surprising Ways to Succeed‏!

Anyone who had attempted NaNoWriMo – the challenge of writing 50,000 words of a novel in November – has surely faced a number of obstacles on their journey to the end of the month. 

Half way through, these distractions become ever more tempting and there’s usually a dip in motivation and creativity at the prospect of continuing to write 1667 every day for the rest of the month. 

As luck would have it, Stop Procrastinating, the productivity website, has surveyed 2000 NaNoWriMo writers ahead of this year’s November writing challenge to find out what kept them going until the very end. 

The findings are insightful and actionable. From undertaking a little planning before hand from learning how to write just about anywhere, the strategies are sure to help many undertaking the challenge this year and should ensure many more cross the finishing line. 

Stop Procrastinating has pulled all the results together in the infographic below.
Nanowrimo tips

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