Tuesday, 12 July 2016

KELPIES BIG BOOK COVER REVEAL: Lari Don - The Beginner's Guide to Running Away/The Witch's Guide to Magical Combat (Spellchasers)

It has been a very along time since 'Mr Ripley's Enchanted Books' has had the opportunity to show you new children's book cover bling. These have come courtesy of indie publisher Floris Books (Kelpies) which is a great Scottish publisher in my opinion of children's books. 

For the first time, I have all three book covers to show you as part of the fantastic new trilogy,  Spellchasers, by Lari Don.  I recently reviewed the first book in the series The Beginner's Guide to Curses (book cover above) which will be published on the 18th August 2016.

All three book cover Illustrations have been produced by the talented artist, Jordi Salano. I personally love these and feel that they work really well across the series. If you also like them then you might want to check out some other great works by the artist HERE.


There will be three books, all connected, to make one giant Scottish ride of magical fantasy that you will not want to miss. The sequel will be: The Shapeshifter's Guide to Running Away (Book 2) and is scheduled to be published in spring 2017. Whilst the final book in the series, The Witch's Guide to Magical Combat (Book 3), will be published in the autumn of 2017. I hope that you really enjoy the book covers. Thanks for looking! 

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