Eloise Williams - Wilde - (Firefly Press) Book Review - Mr. Ripley's Enchanted Books

Wilde is the latest book by Eloise Williams (Children's Laureate Wales). The book will be published by Firefly Press (a small Cardiff-based publisher) on the 1st of May 2020. Whilst that sounds like a long time away, we really need things to look forward to at the moment! If you would like to, you can support the author and publisher by pre-ordering a copy of the book now. There currently have a special offer/deal to get a signed copy and an exclusive pin badge for no extra cost. All you need to do is order HERE before 10 April 2020. 

This story is a contemporary adventure and it really is an absolute delight to read. The main character, Wilde, is a young girl desperately trying to fit in. She's been kicked out of yet another school. However, this deliberate act didn't quite go to plan as Wilde now has to stay with a relative in Witch Point and start another school. However, Witch Point HAS A HIDDEN and chequered past which soon pulls Wilde and the readers into an atmospheric plot.

As you follow the story down the winding path of strangeness and trouble, a  creeping sensation soon washes over you. It'll send shivers down your spine like the sound of a chalkboard being scratched with fingernails! Birds seem to follow Wilde wherever she goes and she soon finds herself in the strangest of places during the middle of the night. Is she flying in her sleep? The mystery has the reader hooked in so many ways as many strange events unfold. 

The author has done a great job bringing the characters to life particularly within a school setting. The frightening letters sent to pupils was an amazing plot addition as it pulled the narrative together with the signed curses. It really brought out a thought-provoking side to the story which was all delivered through lots of tears and heartache. I thought the ending worked particularly well as Wilde races to find out what's happening before everyone blames her. 

This is a great story filled with equal dollops of knotted tension and genuine warmth. The story heart pumps lots of action and drama through the veins of mystery. The story really focuses on the development of great characters and creative ideas rather than clichés on the theme of  WITCHES. In fact, I would consider it an eloquently played out ghost story that focuses on FINDING your place and fitting into society and life. It really hits the literary mark and keeps you thoroughly entertained.