Wednesday, 22 April 2020

Sophie Kirtley - The Wild Way Home - Book Review - Mr. Ripley's Enchanted Books

Sophie Kirtley is a prize-winning published poet. The Wild Way Home is her debut middle-grade children's book which is due to be published in July 2020 by Bloomsbury Children's Books. I think the book cover is superb - it really made me want to read it instantly when it arrived through the door.  In fact, this is the reason why the book review is slightly early.

The book is an unforgettable adventure that starts from the very first page. Charlie's baby brother is born with a problem in his heart - it is a very sad and poignant story that sets the branches swaying and the brains ticking. As Charlie RUNS away from the hospital to the forest to face his emotions, in a fit of rage, he climbs up a tree and the world changes before he reaches the ground. At this point, we are plunged back into an atmospheric time THE STONE AGE. Something wild is just about to happen which finds the readers hurtling into a rich and detailed adventure that will capture the hearts and minds of the readers.

The story tension builds into a thrilling action-adventure set in the forest. Charlie stumbles upon a strange boy dressed in deerskins lying in the RIVER. The characters have a lot in common as they try to solve their own predicaments. Both have lost their family and have obstacles to battle as their path is intertwined with each other's destiny. The book has a lot of raw emotions going on that will make you think about the situation the characters are facing and feeling. This will help younger readers with empathy and deal with the topics of jealously, loneliness, love, and family. 

The landscape is very well written and the historical detail has the right feel for that time period. The book delivers timely action in the wilderness. The communication between both characters, Charlie in English and Harby speaking Stone Age, is very imaginative and helped to keep the authenticity of the plot.  The story has a spiritual element giving it a little spooky edge that adds to the mood. This is a brilliant and engaging read about finding the way home. It will flip the reader's inside out - your wild spirit will soar with hope and adventure. Recommended highly so get it by pre-ordering today.

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