Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Di Toft - Wolven Book Review

Mr Ripley's Book Review

The first thing you notice about this book, is the fantastic cover that looks great. The holographic image just works so well, it will be a hit with the book buyers. A great credit to Steve Wells, who did the design for the book, as it's in keeping with the story. This is another good quality debut book with a fresh outlook to story writing.
The book starts off when Nat Carver, a young boy, ventures to a farm searching for a dog to be his pet. But he soon finds himself looking at a very strange animal, whose origins sway more to that of Dr Frankenstein than Mr Darwin. The book develops into a really enjoyable read with lots of good story ideas. The horror side to the book was very subtle and will make it more appealing to a younger audience. It encompasses both a humorous and serious side which gives it more depth. All the characters in the book worked well and the depiction of the strange village, Temple Gurney, just gave the story more credence.
It really shows what talented up and coming writers are out there.
The ending delivers a Disney-good feel factor in a magical ending, setting a great adventure for books two and three. This book will go down well with readers who enjoyed Steve Feasey's book "Changeling". I give this book four out of five; I feel the best is to come as the author explores her full potential in the next installment. I am already looking forward to reading this in the near future. A story for the barking mad.

Book synopsis

WOLVEN is a fantasy firmly rooted in the mysterious present. A boy and his eccentric grandparents live near a strange wood - apparently cursed. He longs for a dog - but the dirty ungainly farm creature finally found by his grandfather hardly fits his image of the perfect pet. And it howls in the night. But it's only when his dog starts to grow human ears that he realises that something is seriously wrong. The truth is stranger than his wildest dreams -the boy who appears, alarmingly unpredictably, is a kind of special werewolf in reverse. A noble, almost heraldic breed of WOLVEN - the kings own werewolves from ancient times, who have been in hiding until rediscovered by evil government scientists who are trying to breed werewolves as weapons.

Book Published by Chicken House 3 Aug 2009

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Steve Feasey said...

I saw a copy of this in my agent's office last week. Awesome cover. It looks like werewolves are the 'next big thing' - don't say I didn't tell you all.