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Joseph Delaney - The Spook's Stories:Witches Post

This to me was a refresher of all things good in the Joseph Delaney world. It gave a re-cap on some of the tales related to the different witch clans and brought me back to Pendle Hill
on a misty night with bats flying over the sky. Whilst the howl of the wolf and the cackle of a witch all became interspersed into one. 
This is a great book to read, it will entice you to read all of the books in the series from start to finish. I'm left wanting more new stories but I will have to wait until 2010 for the next gripping installment.

Book published by Bodley Head Children's Books 1 October 2009

Book synopsis
This is a fabulous collection of stories based on many of the witches from Joseph Delaney's Spooks books. Ever wondered why the Spook doesn't trust girls who wear pointy shoes? Or why Grimalkin became the Assassin for the Malkin Witch clan? Find out all this and more in this a dark and eerie collection. You don't have to know the Spook's books to enjoy the stories. They're all standalone and absolutely haunting. This is a perfect introduction to the world of "The Spook's Apprentice". But for any fans of the series out there, this collection will be a must-have.

About the Author
Joseph Delaney is a retired English teacher living in Lancashire. He has three children and seven grandchildren and is a wonderful public speaker available for conference, library and bookshop events. His home is in the middle of Boggart territory and his village has a boggart called the Hall Knocker, which was laid to rest under the step of a house near the church. Most of the places in the Spook's books are based on real places in Lancashire. And the inspiration behind the stories often comes from local ghost stories and legends. The Spook's Apprentice, The Spook's Curse and The Spook's Secret have all been shortlisted for the Lancashire children's Book for the Year Award. The Spook's Apprentice is the winner of both the Sefton Book Award and the Hampshire Book Award. His latest book is The Spook's Sacrifice, the sixth book in the spine-tingling and best-selling Wardstone Chronicles series. And The Spook's Tale was his successful WBD book for 2009. It has recently been announced that Spook's Apprentice will be adapted into a feature film by director Kevin Lima, who directed last year's family blockbuster movie Enchanted.

All the books in the Wardstone Chronicles:

The Spook's Apprentice -  July 2004
The Spook's  Curse -  June 2005
The Spook's Secret - July  2006
The Spook's Battle -  July 2007
The Spook's Mistake - June  2008
The Spook's Sacrifice -  June 2009
The Spook's Witches -  Oct 2009
The Spook's Nightmare - June 2010
The Spook's Bestiary - Oct 2010      

All books published by Bodley Head Children's books.

Please check out the author web site for more Spook's  Shananigans.


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