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Kazu Kibuishi - The Stonekeeper's Curse (Amulet, Book 2) Event In Alhambra, Califonia U.S

Mr Ripley Say's
This looks like a great event for everyone. The only problem for me, is that I am in England and this event is in the U.S! So if you area in the Alhambra, California area, why not take a look and have a fun day. If anyone would like to review the event for us, please drop me an email. Then we can let, all who could not attend know, what was actually missed - including me!

wade buchanan
Gallery Nucleus Presents
Saturday, September 12, 2009 (1 pm – 5 pm)
Admission is free. All-ages event.
Alhambra, CA – Gallery Nucleus invites you to join us as writer, artist, and Eisner Award Nominee Kazu Kibuishi discusses the process behind the latest release in the Amulet series as well as other current projects. Hear the artist read from the latest book as well as answer questions from fans and other aspiring artists. A signing of the new book will follow.
Also, register now for the much anticipated workshop “Storytelling for Comics & Film” instructed by artist Kazu Kibuishi. Through this seven week course beginning on Sept 15, Kibuishi will share his wealth of knowledge and firsthand experience. Learn more about taking your ideas and turning them into comics ready for publication. Each student will complete one 10-page comic by the end of the course. Learn more or register at

Emily and Navin's mother is still in a coma from the arachnopod's poison, and there's only one place to find help: Kanalis, the bustling, beautiful city of waterfalls. But when Em, her brother, and Miskit and the rest of the robotic crew aboard the walking house reach the city, they quickly realize that seeking help is looking for trouble, dangerous trouble.
The Elf King's son, Trellis, is still after them, but this time he's accompanied by a mysterious and dangerous guard, Luger. Then an equally mysterious fox, Leon Redbeard, steps in to help. This new fox friend offers to take Em on the perilous trip up Demon's Head Mountain to find the antidote she needs. Miskit is suspicious, Navin is worried about being left behind, and Emily is in the toughest spot of all. She's got to let loose the power of the amulet—without losing herself!

More about the artist and praise for his work.
Born in Tokyo, Kazu Kibuishi is an American graphic novel author and illustrator. He is best known for his critically acclaimed Amulet series as well as being the creator and editor of the comic anthology Flight as well as creating the web comic Copper. The web comic artist and noted critic Scott McCloud has said that some of Kazu Kibuishi’s work is so beautifully drawn that “it hurts my hands when I look at it.”
More praise for Amulet:
“...Fans of Jeff Smith’s Bone will happily fret with the good guys and hiss at the baddies.” -- Kirkus Reviews
“ [The] action-packed adventure sequences move at an exciting clip...Part fantasy...and part manga, this has much to appeal to readers.” -- Booklist
“[S]tellar artwork, imaginative character design, moody color and consistent pacing...” -- PW Comics Week
Visit the artist’s website at
Event address and details
210 e. main st. alhambra, ca 91801
tel: 626.458.7477 fax: 626.458.7486
210 EAST MAIN ST. ALHAMBRA CA 91801 (626) 458 - 7482

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