Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Book Vote - Favorite Debut Book Author Of 2009 - Plus Book Proof Competition

It's time for another vote to find Mr Ripley's Enchanted Books 'Debut Author of 2009'. The battle is on for eight hand-picked authors to be crowned with this glorious title, so good luck to you all. 

Readers and fans it is now time to vote for your favourite - don't forget there's a prize for one lucky person, who leaves a comment on this post. The stunning prize this week is a proof copy of Andy McNab's new book DropZone, which will be published in February.  I hope this tempts your reading appetite, as I loved reading this book (see my book review).  I look forward to reading your comments and watching the unfolding battle commence. The book competition is open to everyone, so please Twitter this to your friends for them to get involved too.

1 comment:

prophecygirl said...

Michelle Harrison gets my vote, without a doubt. The Thirten Treasures was AMAZING!