Thursday, 10 January 2013

Book Review: Lovecraft Middle School - Professor Gargoyle/ The Slither Sister By Charles Gilman

From the publisher who brought you one of my favourite books back in 2011 - Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs. Has now sent me two books in a great new series that I can shout my head of, to anyone who will listen. Thanks to Matthew for sending them over to me. I really appreciate it without people like yourself, my blog would not be the same. 

I know a lot of my followers love reading books that have, shall we say a darker nature in genre. A good old fashion horror book that will lift your spirits to a place of ones imagination and this does that with spades. 

So in true fashion I like to tell you about the "Lovecraft Middle School" series of books that hit the shelves last September with the follow up "The Slither Sisters" book two which is out hopefully 15th January, they should be in all good book stores from then. If not track them down online as book two will be out for you to buy as well. You can't miss them either each book has a fantastic holographic cover which will catch your eye immediately and very cool to boot. 

We have a little sprinkling of R. L Stine magic about these books that sends shivers down your spine.  Anyone 9 and over will sink their teeth into them page by page lapping up the daemons and the story line to the max. Robert Arthur and the School ghost and bully fight the forces of evil. Crawford Tilinghast and his army of mutant creatures are the forces of evil that have been dreamt up from the far realms of the authors mind. It all takes place around Lovecraft Middle School a crazy place with even crazier pupils and teachers. 

I love the secret attic that's depicted in the book and some of the outrageous monsters, the star of the show for me is a two head rat. One heads called Pip and the other's called Squeak. I find that funny to be honest, I'm still chuckling now.

These are great books to enjoy in one sitting , they will captivate and hook reluctant boy readers for sure. I think they are really cool as well.  I read both books one after the other, I really wanted another one. The good thing is the third book entitled Teacher's Pest is due out in May.  So Matt if you read this, please send me it soon.  I hope you all enjoy them, if I have tempted you to read them. Thanks for reading this post, see you again soon!

Also I have posted the book trailer and synopsis in the previous post. Here

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