Niel Bushnell - Sorrowline (The Timesmith Chronicles) - Book Review

This is the second book on the bounce that I've really enjoyed from a debut author. Looking ahead to 2013, I feel that we might be in for a very good year. One where the imagination flows and the stories do the talking - just like this book. 

I was very happy to receive this book, directly from the author, after the cover had been featured in the book cover wars. I was looking forward to reading it from the cover alone, and it certainly did not disappoint me. It's a rapid page turner which is full of great ideas. The main character, Jack, is a Yard Boy and someone with the ability to travel through Sorrowlines (the channels that connect every gravestone with the date of the persons death).  When Jack visits his mum's grave, he falls head first into an unimaginable adventure that will leave you gasping for breath by the end. 

This book incorporates a superb slice of history - paying a visit to war torn London in the forties. In my opinion, this has been very well written and certainly added a good slice of reality to a book packed full of fantasy. It's so easy to get lost in parts that have a time travel theme, but in this book the author kept it very clear as to what was going on.

Along the way you will meet some very interesting characters. The Boagymen and their secret underground system and the army of Paladin, who would easily fit into a Tolkien novel. However, at the centre of every good book there needs to be a particularly evil or power-hungry, mad character. In this case his name is Rouland. I would have liked to see him feature a little bit more as he was deliciously dark - just what I wanted to read!

This book is a fantastic read, although I wasn't quite sure about the ending. I was hoping for something different perhaps a few more incidents and surprises to spice it up. However it is a high octane journey that is full of adventure and will keep you on your toes until the very last page. A must read for 2013 - it leaves you thinking about what might be coming in the next book.

Published by Andersen - 3rd January 2013