Friday, 7 March 2014

Book Review: Attack of the Giant Robot Chickens - By Alex McCall #GiantRobotChickens

This book will surely scramble your brain! The vision that you can see on the front cover is eggs-actly the same vision that is laid out within the story. I love this book cover - it's chicken fantastic in high definition glory A former winner of the fantastic Kelpies prize, this book has delivered a caper that will get you eggs-cited if you dare to read it. If not, then you are, in my opinion, a chicken.

The plot is hysterical and so much fun to read; it left me with a smile on my face and certainly brightened up my week. I really would love to see more outrageous offerings like this in future from other authors. There just aren't enough opportunities in stories for the exploration of humour set within a well imagined world.

This is a brilliantly written family-action read - who could not like this subject matter? Giant laser shooting robots with beaks that can peck through concrete as well as laying eggs-plosive eggs. These chickens are threatening to rule the roost and take control of the world. The streets are empty, the adults have vanished and the children of Aberdeen are running clucking scared. It's no fun living in a chicken apocalypse. It's a yolk of a predicament to find yourself being terrorised by domestic giant robot fowl. Jesse and his friends hatch a plot to stop these chicken fiends and take back their city.

There is an omelette mixture of many things going on here. The story is full of timely action but not everything goes eggs-actly to plan. The plot is very engaging for both younger and older audiences. In my opinion, this is very well written for a debut published book. It's zany, fun and full of many laugh-out-loud moments to keep you on your claws.

This is one of the best chick flick books that I've read. At least this is what I would describe as a chick flick read to be enjoyed. It is cool, easy to read and will transport you to a world of pure fantasy. Colonel Sanders would relish reading this adventure. He would be licking his fingers as he rampaged through the story feeding his appetite. I think he would describe this as 'finger-licking good'.  I think you'll find yourself hungry for more.... are there any sides to go with this?

This book is out now to buy in a chicken coop near you....

Published by Kelpies on the 20th February 2014.

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