Monday, 15 February 2016

Mr Ripley's Enchanted Books: Children's Graphic/Comic Novel Goodness - Book Picks February 2016

Alex Marlowe - The Last Immortal 01- Published by  Little, Brown Books for Young Readers (11 Feb. 2016)
Percy Jackson meets The League of Extraordinary Gentleman meets Sherlock
In Victorian London, 13-year-old Luke Frankenstein dreams of joining The Immortals - a supernatural crime-fighting squad, founded by his father Victor. But when Luke secretly follows the Immortals on a mission against the Dark Pharaoh Sanakhte, he is killed.
Luke's body is preserved for 160 years before he is reanimated in the modern day, his body bestowed with superhuman powers and fitted with modern upgrades. Sanakhte has returned and Luke must reunite the scattered Immortals. But to destroy Sanakhte, Luke must uncover a terrible secret hidden in his past....
Inside cover printing features a comic strip detailing more of the Last Immortals' adventures! 

Kazu Kibuishi - Firelight (Amulet #7) - Published by Graphix (23 Feb. 2016)

Emily, Trellis, and Vigo visit Algos Island, where they can access and enter lost memories. They're hoping to uncover the events of Trellis's mysterious childhood -- knowledge they can use against the Elf King. What they discover is a dark secret that changes everything. Meanwhile, the voice of Emily's Amulet is getting stronger, and threatens to overtake her completely.

Selina’s Station On the way to Cielis the crew stops at Selina’s Station to refuel. Selina Figgins is the owner of the fueling station and she and Captain Enzo have a past.

Scorpia Graphic Novel (Alex Rider) Paperback – 4 Feb 2016

Tamsin and the Deep (The Phoenix Presents) Paperback – 4 Feb 2016 by Neill Cameron (Author), Kate Brown (Author) - David Fickling Books (4 Feb. 2016) - Book Review Here

Tamsin knew that she shouldn't have gone into the water. After wiping out on her board, she is dragged down, into the deep...Into a long-forgotten world of ancient magic. Mermaid magic, dark and unforgiving. Her family is in grave danger - and only she has the power to save them.

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