Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Andrew Guile - The Amazing Adventures of Skinny Finny and Super Spy Wobblebottom: The Mad Moon Mission - Book Review

Ten-year-old Skinny Finny and his twin brother, Tubby, are beginning a new life in London when their arch enemy, the evil Dr Buttscratcher, and his shadowy sidekick begin terrorising unsuspecting joggers and the elderly. Skinny Finny's hopes for a 'normal' life are shattered as he is set on a collision course with Dr Buttscratcher and his crazy plans for world domination. Will Skinny Finny join forces once again with the British Agent, Super Spy Wobblebottom? And who is the dastardly doctor's mysterious new apprentice? With over 150 black and white illustrations throughout, The Amazing Adventures of Skinny Finny and Super Spy Wobblebottom is a funny, enthralling and humorous tale for children aged 7 and over. This explosive children's book guarantees high adventure and hilarious mayhem for the enjoyment of all young readers.

Are you ready to enter the world of Skinny Finny? 

You only need to look at the book cover, which has been fantastically illustrated by Curt Walstead, to know that you are in for a crazy time. This is a story that will gather you up into a madcap caper and transport you to a place of laughter and comical humour. It will hit you on so many levels that it 
will definitely be loved by any age group, and any reader, who has a good sense of humour. 

One thousand feet high and the Shard (London) is the starting point for this brilliant story. There you are thrust into the lives of Skinny Finny and his whimsical twin brother, Tubby, along with his rather mysterious and strange family. You will be rocketed into a fantasy action-adventure full of zany shenanigans and a fiendish plot. 
You will find yourself flying into space on a mysterious futuristic spacecraft, that will rattle your fantasy teeth into orbit, and back again, but with the Queen of England!

The story is full of complex and crazy characters doing, and saying, silly things at any given moment, especially in times of danger. My favourite character is Super Spy Wobblebottom; he is just brilliantly well written and full of comical style. He is very distinctive, for a hero type character, and not typical at all. You will certainly remember him for a very long time to come, as he runs around in his own slapstick caper that will make you chortle. With his over-active personality, a cracking aura (his big bottom) and his rather outlandish behaviour and crazy actions, you will soon find yourself giggling like a school boy.    

I really loved every minute of this book. I was fully absorbed into this fantasy world - part reality and part nonsense. You walk the tightrope of danger, with quirky monsters of fur, and the biggest set of teeth that you are ever likely to see. 
Every page, and every chapter, is one big dollop of crazy imagination. It delivers a high-octane adventure which is full of mayhem and mischief. It's very cool, fun and will appeal to kids who love to be absorbed in a story that visually feels straight out of the pages of a comic book. 

This is one of my favourite reads so far this year, as it is original and very stupid. However, it also tackles the themes of good versus evil and develops empathy with the characters. It is all wrapped up with sci-fi goodness and a fantastic feel good factor ending, what more could you ever want?

This book needs to be tracked down, in my opinion, and read. However, there might be some difficulty in finding it in any big chain bookshop, but go and search it out and give it a try as you will not be disappointed. Published by Matador 11th January 2017.

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