Thursday, 9 February 2017

ParcelHero - The Decline of the High Street British Book Store

The last chapter for British book stores

2030: Dead End for the High Street 

As UK weekly online shopping reaches £1 Billion, a new report by e-commerce delivery specialists ParcelHero reveals home shopping will wipe out over 50% of town centre stores, and spell the end for the majority of High Street book stores by 2030.
UK shoppers’ weekly online spending has reached £1 Billion a week - an increase of 26.8% on 2015 - and a major new report by e-commerce fulfilment specialists ParcelHero says the death of the High Street as we know it may be far nearer than people think. The report - 2030: The Death of the High Street - reveals that by 2030, just 13 years’ time, the impact of online shopping and home deliveries will mean the majority of Britain’s local and chain book stores, will be a memory.
The report looks in depth at the final chapter for Britain’s High Street book shops, as ParcelHero's Head of Consumer Research, David Jinks MILT, reveals there will be less than 600 book shops remaining in the UK by 2030.
 David Jinks says:
  • Remember Borders, Booksetc, Dillons and Ottaker’s? The traditional high street book store industry is collapsing at 2.3% sales decline a year; with just 1,071 retail businesses remaining. 
  • Between the beginning of 2005 and the end of 2012 the number of high street bookshops in the UK halved
  • We could have reached many bookshops final chapter with just 535 left in our major towns and cities by 2030.
  • Independent book shops declined from 1535 in 2008 to 987 in 2013.
  • With Amazon Prime members now receiving free Kindle bestsellers in the US, in its new Prime Reading offer, the story of the High Street book store is a long one; but it could be reaching the final chapter.
 The full report is available at

Don't miss the fascinating interactive timeline charting the demise of favourite High Street brands at
 The reports main author, ParcelHero’s Head of Consumer Research David Jinks MILT, is available to supply unique written comment or for interview. David is available at or on 07772 055748.

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