Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Michael Grant's - Gone Online - Will Be Gone...... Plus Light Book Trailer

One week of play left in the game based on Michael Grant’s best-selling series of books, GONE

There is just one week to go until the prize-winning period of Gone Online comes to an end. The game is based on the bestselling GONE series by Michael Grant and celebrates LIGHT, the sixth and final book in the series, which was published on 28 March.  It has already topped the bestseller lists in both the UK and Ireland.
So far the game has been a hit with over 2,000 people playing more than 35,000 games between them, since the launch on 11 March.  People are playing Gone Online all over the world, from the UK and Ireland to the Ukraine and Uganda. To date, players are based in just under 70 countries.

Over 200 players have already won prizes, including limited-edition wrist bands, book tokens and full sets of the books.  However, the final prize, an Apple iPad and the chance to meet Michael Grant in a private capsule on the EDF Energy London Eye on 4 May, is still up for grabs.  The winner will be the highest scorer when the game finishes, on 22 April.

Gone Online comprises a series of mini-games released on a weekly basis and inspired by content from the books.  Some of the games test knowledge of the books while others can be played by anyone – and they can be highly addictive!  To date, players have clocked up over 500 hours of game play.  Gone Online is available on all devices and incorporates the latest in location-based marketing and social sharing, with players picking up extra points by checking in with their smart phones at specific locations – libraries and bookshops - and sharing the game with their friends.

After the 22 April, fans of Gone Online can continue to play, though no prizes will be available.

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