Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Clockwork Watch: The Arrival #1 by Corey Brotherson & Jennie Gyllblad & Yomi Ayeni - A Graphic Novel

About the Project:
Clockwork Watch is a collaborative storytelling project set in a retro-futurist vision of Victorian England. It's a five-year immersive participatory story told through graphic novels, interactive promenade theatre, freeform role-play, online adventures, an interactive book, and a feature film.The story set is in a genre called Steampunk, a non-colonial style of Victoriana, at a time when clockwork mechanics and science are the two most important developments in the world.This site hosts updates from the story universe. We invite participants to interact with news by contributing, photographs, videos, letters,  even drawings showing how developments affect their characters, living in the Clockwork World.                   

Book Synopsis:
London 1899. Steam billows out from every corner of the city while huge Zeppelin airships float in the sky overhead. Enter the world of Clockwork Watch, a place where Victorian values are coupled with anachronistic technology, not least of which are the clockwork servants - the mechanical slaves that keep this society ticking along - this is the world of Steampunk. Technological and social change is in the air - human-clockwork hybridisation is the talk of the town; the unwise employment of science has led to amazement and outcry - the public wants to know whether Science is about to play God. Clockwork Watch: The Arrival is the first of three graphic novels launching an immersive and participatory story told across live events, promenade theatre, online adventures, interactive literature and a feature film.

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