Mr Ripley's Enchanted Book Cover Wars: Heat Four 2013/2014 - Plus Matt Haig Book Competition

Mr Ripley's Book Cover Wars are back again for the fifth year - it's that time again where we are looking for a further worthy winner. If you are returning to the site for another exciting year or are new to this competition, then I send you a very warm welcome. It is a delight to have your company in the book cover war zone. Don't forget to share this exciting adventure with your friends and followers - everyone is welcome.

For any follower of this site then this is the chance for you to become part of the weekly book cover wars. Each week, for the next 1 week, I am going to select five book covers for you to vote for. NEW RULES - the five book covers who get the most votes over the four weeks will go head-to-head in the final. You may not win the heat, but you could still get to the final of 'Mr Ripley's Enchanted Book Cover Wars 2013/14'. 

  • 1- Niel Bushnell - Timesmith  - 156 Votes  
  • 2- Ian Johnstone - The Bell Between the Worlds ( The Mirror Chronicles) - 122 Votes
  • 3- Thomas Taylor - Dan and the Caverns of Bone - 76 Votes 
  • 4- Dawn Finch - Brotherhood of Shades - 68 Votes
  • 5- Philip Caveney - Watchers - 56 Votes

As a voter, not only will you get the chance to choose your favourite book cover, but you will also be in with the chance to win a different special book each week. Therefore, in order to kick off the competition this week, we have an amazing collectable SIGNED FIRST EDITION, HARDBACK  By Matt Haig - The Humans.

If you are interested then all you need to do is:

  • Vote for your favourite book cover using the poll ( click any of the links VO and VOTE HERE for your favourite book.
  • Leave a comment through this post and a twitter name if you have one....
  • Sit back, watch the voting develop and wait to hear whether you've won (once the poll has closed). Please note that this competition is open Worldwide.
  •  Heat Four ends midnight (UK TIME)  20, November 2013 
So here are the five book covers to vote for this week:

Book One: R. J. Anderson - Nomad  (Faery Rebels) - Published by Orchard - 2, January 2014 - Cover by Rory Kurtz - VOTE HERE

Book Two: Justin Richards - The Wolfstone Curse - Published by Templar Publishing - 1, July 2013 - Cover by Will Steele - VOTE HERE

Book Three: Roderick Gordon & Brian Williams - Terminal - Published by Chicken House - 2, May 2013 - Cover by David Wyatt - VOTE HERE

Book Four: Alexander Gordon Smith - The Fury - Published by Farrar Straus Giroux - 23, July 2013 - Cover by Christian Fuenfhausen - VOTE HERE

Book Five: Garth Nix and Sean Williams - TroubleTwisters: The Mystery - Published by Egmont - 6, May 2013 - Cover by Egmont creative design team. VOTE HERE

That's the five books up for voting on heat four. Please leave your comments on the post and twitter name if you have one to win the signed book.  Also if your really nice, why not give us an RT or mention use #bookcoverwars or share on Facebook.  Thanks all, may the best cover win!


Steve MC said…
I voted for Terminal 'cause most of the others were scary and I'm a weenie.