David O'Connell (Author),‎ Claire Powell (Illustrator) - The Dundoodle Mysteries: The Chocolate Factory Ghost - Mr Enchanted Books Book Review

Archie McBudge knows his lucky underpants must really work because when he and his mum are summoned to Honeystone Hall in the remote Scottish village of Dundoodle, they find Archie has inherited not only the enormous hall but the whole of the world-famous McBudge Confectionery Company from Great-Uncle Archibald. That's a new home, a fortune and a lifetime's supply of treats rolled into one! 
But all is not well in Dundoodle, and when Archie reads the mysterious letter his great-uncle left him he finds himself on a quest to save his family's company from ruin. With the help of his new friends Fliss and Billy, Archie has to try to figure out the puzzles of Honeystone before his sweet future melts away like an ice lolly in the sun!
Fans of How to Train Your Dragon and Tilly and the Time Machine will be hungry for this delicious mystery full of weird clues, strange creatures, malevolent relatives and lots and lots of SWEETS!

For your reading pleasure is the review for "The Chocolate Factory Ghost" by David O'Connell. This is the first book in The Dundoodle Mysteries which will hit the bookshops on the 5th of April 2018, just in time for Easter. It is published by Bloomsbury Children's Books in the UK. The book has been fabulously illustrated by the multi-talented Claire Powell, who was also the winner of the best short animation "The Scapegoat" at the British Animation Film Festival in 2015.  

Are you ready for a sugar-coated mystery?

Well put on your lucky underpants, like the main character in the book Archie McBudge, and get ready to turn the pages. You will hurtle into a pick and mix adventure that will leave your hands sticky with creative and clever imagination. You will follow the sweet crumb trail of strange clues and uncover the magical mystery with a great set of characters. Some of which you will love and some you will love to hate. Just like all good stories, there are plenty of villains about so watch your step!  

This is a great interactive family book to share with children; it will really engage them. It's a brilliant story for a younger audience and a new series that you will want to come back to again and again. It's very playful and fun to read with lots of moreish references to sweets that will make you want to dip your fingers into the sweety jar and pull out a treat. 

It's a full-on fantasy escapade that will have you fizzing with delight. The more you read, the more you will be hit by the feel-good factor. You will have strange puzzles to solve, mayhem to pursue and action in abundance. It has everything to keep you hooked on your spooky toes. 

WARNING: This is an honest review and the bribery of free chocolate fudge that came with this book has absolutely no bearing on the review above. All my opinions are prior to eating my weight in chocolate fudge. Thank you very much, Bloomsbury Children's Books.