Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Paul Magrs - The Heart of Mars (Lora Trilogy) Mr Ripley's Enchanted Books - Book Review (Firefly Press)

Have we come to the sad end of the sci-fi Lora trilogy by Paul Magrs?

It all started with "Lost on Mars" which is the first book in the trilogy. This was a brilliant read and became my favourite book of 2015. The second book in the series, "The Martian Girl" (2016), was, again, an excellent read which I thoroughly enjoyed. The final installment is "The Heart of Mars" and is absolutely amazing. This series really is one of my all-time personal favourites; it is a science-fiction delight that everyone should read. 

The Heart of Mars will be published across the galaxy on the 15th March 2018 by Firefly Press. NOTE: this book can be read on its own or on Mars. However, I personally would recommend that you start with the first book in the series.
If you've not read the previous books then grab all three and begin a reading adventure like no other. Unfortunately, they're not that easy to find so you may need to order them. Nevertheless, it will be worth the time and investment as they will leave you feeling like you've read something really special by one of the best authors around.  

I lost all sense of time as I followed Lora, Peter and, Toaster (a Servo-Furnishing machine) into the deadly swamplands full of mist and thick purple mud. The further they plunged into the adventure, the greater the sense of creeping eyes following and strange voices drifting through the air. It's a fantastic shuttle-ride of escapism as you follow Lora's epic mission to reunite her family in an all-out thrilling finale. 

A strange encounter with the Ancient Ones delivers a power-packed punch of fantasy and magic. You'll be slapped in the face with an air of mystery and so many unanswered questions. It's a brilliant story packed full of action, adventure and a fantastic host of characters, creatures and monsters. Yet, the simplicity of the story alongside the engaging narrative is cleverly built around a detailed fantasy world that seeps into the pores of the reader.

The author's vivid imagination in taking an idea and running with it, regardless, is breathtaking. It is incredible how he is able to write a Sci-Fi novel with such ease and poise. Even more remarkably, is that it will be loved by kids as much as by adults. It really does have his unique personality stamped onto every page, but this is what is to be expected from Paul Magrs. In my opinion, he is such an underrated author so start reading his books now. 

This book is a super extra-terrestrial romp through space and time. It is from the heart and is full of friendship danger as well as humour (I am Watt. Watt I am!). Definitely a book to devour and a series to savour. 

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