Monday, 2 November 2009

Book Cover Wars Big Final - Book Prize Kate Forsyth - The Puzzle Ring - Signed/Lined

The time for the final of the book cover wars has now arrived. All four winners are now locked in the battle to be crowned Mr Ripley's Enchanted Book Cover of the Year - good luck to you all. Readers and fans it is now time to vote for your favourite book cover - don't forget there's a prize for one lucky person, who leaves a comment on this post. The stunning prize this week is a signed, lined and dated first edition of 'The Puzzle King' by Kate Forsyth, I hope this tempts your reading appetite. I look forward to reading your comments and watching the unfolding battle commence.

Book One - Jon Mayhew - Mortlock - Published by Bloomsbury - 2010

Book Two -  Tracey & Kevin Morley - Unravellers - Published by Book Guild Publishing 2009

Book Three - David Whitney - The Midnight Charter - Published by Roaring Book Press books 2009 U.S

Book Four - Steve Feasey - Changeling - Published by Macmillan Books 2009

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