Martin Howard & Colin Simpson - The Wickedest Witch - Book Review

Mr Ripley Say's.........
I've just left the witches coven on my magic broomstick clutching a copy of The Wickedest Witch. I've just finished a loop-the-loop and finally dismounted; now I'm ready to write my book review. 
The story follows Esmelia and the newly apprenticed witch Sam, who become embroiled in a wicked adventure, to be the Most Superior High and Wicked Witch. There are many witch-battling encounters throughout the story which add to the magical experience.
The narrative blends humour into the story line creating many memorable funny moments which develop the personalities of the characters.
This is a great read for both young and old that could be a fabulous Christmas reading treat. The book casts a spell over the reader as turning each page you find that you have been turned into a frog!  
I became really engrossed in this book; loving every page. I would love the opportunity to read more books like this; light-hearted, funny and magical but still very entertaining. This book is beautifully illustrated by the amazingly talented Colin Stimpson, which I feel really enhances the book's character and allure. 
I give this book four out of five - how long until the next installment?

Book Synopsis The headline in The Cackler is grim. Old Biddy Vicious, the Most Superior High and Wicked Witch and owner of the Black Wand of Ohh Please Don't Turn Me Into Aaaaarghhh - Ribbett is dead. But witches like their news on the dark side and there is great anticipation in the witching world. After all, there will need to be a new leader and a diabolical competition to find out who is to become the new Most Superior High and Wicked Witch. Esmeila Sniff fancies her chances, after all she is exceedingly wicked and has warts in all of the right places. As she and her surprisingly cheerful apprentice, Sam, set off to find three other witches to nominate her for the job, the meanest and the baddest witches in the world are hatching their own devious plan to become "The Wickedest Witch".
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